Sunday, December 19, 2010


We've had a lot of sickness at our house this month, Zach got the worst of it. Can you see the lump on the right side of his neck? It started as a small lump, but after his nap it had swollen so large that his face looked crooked, the swelling started under his ear and wrapped to the back of his neck! Scary! We took him to the ER, where he had an IV put in his hand for fluids and dye, and antibiotics. Then he had a CAT scan of his neck. He was very brave and only cried a little for the IV.
Jeff took him up and I followed after all the scary stuff was over. Good thing Jeff took him. He had Zach thinking his IV was a laser gun, he was shooting the place up all night! He told me over and over again, "I got a shot and I cried". But he was happy, so I guess it's ok.
Around 11:00 p.m. they finally had results, infected lymph node. The best case scenario! After an hour of IV antibiotics we were able to take him home. He is doing much better, and even felt better the next morning. His swelling is slowly going down, and after another week of meds he should be all better! He is starting to talk better, he babied the lump so didn't move his neck and jaw normally for a few days.
The ER is scary to think of but was so awesome, the doctors and nurses were great, and we were very well taken care of. They even gave Jeff dinner! We won't be scared to go there again, and we'll be quicker to go, that's for sure.
Love this little guy! I'm so grateful for healthy kids!

Baby Smiles

Santa, Santa, Ho Ho Ho!

As a tradition, I took the kids to see the real santa at the mall! Check out zach's smile, this is what he does when other people tell him to smile! So funny!
Gwyneth saying,"Mom, these shoes are too big!"

Were there ever 3 cuter kids? I think not!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drivers Watch Out!

Our new great neighbors have 3 electric cars. Needless to say the boys love them! Zach can drive them all like the big kids do. Colin told Zach to get his gun. Well, he did not have one, so he used his hands. Notice how he had two barrels! Cute little chubby fingers! Where did that hat come from?

Silly Bean, wanted an upclose picture. Got it.

First Sunday

We took Gwyneth to church today. I was a nervous wreck, but she did great! She is so cute in her dress and tights, we had to take a bunch of pictures! A little smile!

This is how Wynnie helped Daddy put up Christmas lights yesterday. She's a great little helper!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Princess Wynnie
I have two babies. This week they both took a binkie. I couldn't miss the chance to get a picture!


I let Zach sit in a booster seat the other day, he really likes them.
He unbucled himself, on a busy street, to reach a granola bar.
I panicked. Yelled all the following things at him:
1. That's dangerous!
2. If we get hit you'll die! (I don't hide the truth from my kids, scary or not)
3. You can't ever sit there again!
Then I tried to be more literal, paint the picture for him;
Zach, if we get in a wreck you could fly out the window, and be very hurt on the street!
His response?
" mooomm, If I fly out the window I'll use my "wubs", to fly, it's ok!" While showing me his hand in the air....
Ribs? Wings? I was lost.
Until while playing that night I told the story to Jeff. Zach did it again. This time it hit me.
Zach believes he is Spider Man. He flies with his WEBS!
Poor kid thinks he has super powers! HA!

Monday, November 29, 2010

3 weeks old!

When Gwyneth was born they weighed her and said, 'oh', she already has a double chin!'
She turned 3 weeks old on Saturday. She is starting to stay awake a LITTLE more than she did last week! Maybe a few hours a day! She smiles more than before, I guess that's all a baby this little can do. but it's fun to watch her grow everyday. Her little legs are filling out, so she is losing the little Frog belly look. We just kiss and hold her all the time. She's getting a little spoiled, but I don't mind holding her all the time!

Three week old girl! Still no bow, sorry, the boys take them off!

Here's a bow in her hair! It lasted about 5 minutes.


My boys think my glasses are a toy. I guess they are if I let them be! Brady set the timer and took multiple shots of himself, which was fun to watch him do! He also took the one of Zachary. He didn't know they were on upside down!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Brady and I played with Gwyneth taking pictures! She didn't smile, but she's still pretty dang cute!

She even stuck out her tongue when Brady did, which makes for a funny shot!
She sure loves her bed, thanks to all the comfy blankets we received from friends.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Week Old

Gwyneth is 8 days old today, and she's already done so many things! She had her first 1/2 sleep over! We let Brady hold her in bed for a while, He was SO happy!
She had her first story time, with bog brothers and Gramma. She was very interested in the book.

She slept 4 hours in a row....EVERY night.

And Gwyneth has learned how to make faces with the best of them! The funniest is when she tries to look up, both of her eyes point outward, the opposite of cross eyed, it's totally funny.
Brady and Zach are in love with this little sister! They come into our room in the morning looking for her, asking to hold her, and the kiss her constantly!
When Brady looks for her he says, "Where's our baby?", Zach says, "Where's my sister?"
Brady calls her Gwyneth, Zach calls her Gwyn.
They both can not believe how tiny she is. Some nicknames she has accumulated so far:
Tinker Bell, Peanut, Wynnie, and of course, Baby Sis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Brothers

Sunday morning the boys came to see us. I put Gwyn in a cute little outfit so she'd be all ready! It didn't matter to her brothers. They think she's wonderful no matter what!
Zach was hyper with excitment! He kept looking at her and telling me all the tiny things she had.
" look at her finger nails! They're so tiny", " oh, look at her small ears!" those were the 2 he liked the most I guess!

Brady was very mellow with her. He kissed her, smiled at her and held her as long as he could. When it was time to leave he didn't want to!

Here they are holding her for the first time. Zachary couldn't wait for his turn. He kept leaning over and trying to hold her! He kissed her a lot!

Our 3 babies! We are so blessed!

Gwyneth Kate Sorenson

Baby Gwyneth was born at 7:05 a.m. on Saturday November 6, 2010. Weighing in at 7 lb. 4 oz., and 20 inches tall. She was the fastest of my 3 deliveries. From start (because they induced labor) to finish was 2 hours, 5 minutes! My doctor barely made it to the room in time!
I wrote the whole story in Gwyn's baby book, so this is the shorter version!
Daddy holding her for the first time, in our delivery room. He was so excited! We both couldn't believe that she was ours, this tiny little princess!

Here she is only a few minutes old, already happy, and looking around. She was in such a hurry to get here that mommies epiduryl didn't have time to set in all the way. But she was also nice enough that the speed made it do-able!

Gwyneth & Mommy's first photo op! She was so warm, and tiny!

Last Night

November 5, 2010. Last night as parents of only 2 kids! Grama Patti came from Utah to take care of us for a week, we went to dinner at Chipotle, and had ice cream for dessert. It was fun! After putting the boys to bed we tried to sleep, but couldn't. my mind was racing. Jeff and I were both super nervous, not only that, but we had a midnight check in at the hospital! I don't recommed it, but too late! Plans were made and I couldn't put it off, I was too excited! I had told the boys all day that the next morning I'd be gone to the hospital and that I'd bring home our baby sister. The last time was as I put them into bed. "I know mom! You told us already!" was Brady's reply!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Year Old

Brady had his 5 yr old check up this morning. He is 45.5 lbs. (85%) 45.75 inches tall (94%) he is the average size of a 6 year old. HA! He's been this size for about 4-6 months.
Brady hasn't cried at shots since his 18 month check up. He prides himself on that fact. So on the way to the Dr. I asked him if he'd rather have the flu mist. "NO, I want the shot", was his reply. He was all psyched up for it! Luckily he accepted the mist, only because he had to have 3 other shots! With each shot his eyes got wide as the needle went in, a little shocked look passed over his face, but that was it! On the last shot he said, "oh, that kinda hurt." So funny! He's such a trooper!
His 5th birthday was last Saturday. It was a great time. He had 6 friends over, a house with 8 boys, pretending to be Jedis' is a little crazy! Thank heaven for Jeff, he taught the boys "sick moves", did a tug-o-war, a pinata, and made dry ice rootbeer. I never could have done it alone!
That night we had cousins over for dinner and cake, then headed to the ward Trunk-r-Treat. It was a super busy day, but it was really fun! We all slept really well that night!
As an added bonus Jeff took the boys last night to get new fish. Two Oscars, and 4 goldfish (for them to eat!) We moved the tank into their room, so it also serves as a night light. Brady chose the name Chris for his fish. That has been his favorite name since he was 2. So of course Zach's fish is also named Chris!
After a great morning we are home, and they are fighting. Brady purposfully drives Zach crazy, so he screams. Which drives me crazy. Lovely.

Friday, October 29, 2010

37.5 Weeks

My friend Allyson took me for "glamour shots", as I teased her I felt like. She made me use a lot of hair spray, and make up. Which I guess worked well! It was a funny thing for me, I felt like a nerd, but it's fun to have nice pictures when you feel so ugly anyway.

I don't love my double chin, but HELLLOOO, I'm pregnant! haha!
Pregnancy update. I am a 3. Dr. says she's sure I'll beat my previous delivery times, which were 5 and 4 hours. She actually dreamed that she had to CATCH my baby!! ha! So I technically have 15 days left, but we are major prepping now, so I'm sure to be ready. Having two older kids makes for more stress in planning. Thank Heavens for Grandmas!

Class Party

Brady's preschool had a Halloween party, Zach was a great help, he passed out candy to all the kids. If they didn't say Trick R Treat he stood there and looked at them.... I had to give the shy kids candy.

Bean was the end of the parade line. He was a little distracted so his teacher helped him see me!

They served lunch after the parade, which they kind of ate! Zach thought he was part of the class. He stood near Carly while they sang songs, and sat down like a part of the class as soon as it was time. He was a very good listener. So we successfully passed his first School Party.
They said the Pledge, and sang a few songs. Brady isn't much of a singer, never has been. But he sang with his class and was so cute, doing the hand motions, and not even being shy. (he hates to be looked at!!) ha! Love you beaners!

Carving Pumpkins is a must at our house, and we start early. We may not decorate much, but we carve a lot! This was the first week of October, and our first of 3 nights of carving!

We had just bought the boys costumes. Brady is Iron Man, and Zachary is Darth Vader. They wore the costumes to bed, and for the next two days as well. I had to sew part of Brady's costume after that! How do you like Brady's scary face? Pretty good, I think.

Good thing we have a Daddy who will pull all the guts out, it took a few times to get the boys to reach in and take a hand full. We carved names in the back of a few, which they really loved.

We went to a local orchard to pick the best apples EVER! It was a bunch of fun for the kids to ge to pick their own apples! and eat them!
We each had our own bag, some came home full, others a little empty!

We ate apples for weeks! And had enough to make pie filling for 3 pies,
Thanksgiving Here We Come.