Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Baby Is TWO!!!

Zachary turned 2 yesterday! He was so excited and funny all day. He was a major show off. Every time we said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" he'd reply, "thant chew". So sweet! Here he is eating his cake, he thinks his Angry Face is really fun to do! We had family over, and the kis had a blast, and since we have very little family in Vegas it was easy and great for me too! The pinata is a must have at our house, look how hard he's working! Colin and Brady had to rip the thing apart in the end!

I bought balloons, he LOVED them!
We do candles in breakfast at our house, Brady got some too! It only took him a few times to blow out the candles! He spits more than blows them out!
This little guy is so wonderful~ he's waiting for his cake... happy as ever!
Happy Birthday to my sweet little Zachins! We LOVE YOU! And Happy Birthday, Yesterday. "thank you mama!".

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Zach thinks he is Santa. "sanka cause", to be exact. For some reason having a shirt, or pants on his head is what turns him into Santa. He asked to be Santa today, so here is Santa Clause!
Zachins is also taking Gymnastics again, he LOVES it! He runs from place to place, jumping climbing, running like crazy.

Today he loved the Fire truck. He'd sit in there, knock on the door, and push all the other kids out.

Brady is officially a baseball player. In our house this is a big deal (have you met Jeff?) He insisted on wearing his shirt and hat to school today. He felt so awesome in it.

See his serious face?! When I picked him up he said, "I didn't even get my shirt dirty!" When we got home he went to the livingroom and changed into his uniform pants and socks. Hopefully the games are as fun as the uniform!

What Did You do this Week

We ran through the sprinklers! Brady's idea, it was hilarious! Jeff sang London Bridges, and of course when they 'fell down' the kids got soaked.
Just before running through...
Run Bean, Run!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Kid Quotes

In the car yesterday: "mom, why doesn't dad ever shave his face?" in case you haven't seen Jeff lately he is growing a mustache....some work dare.... Thanks a lot to Teresa who said, 'I think it's handome', she can have him!

While I got Zach into his 'piyamas' tonight I asked him, 'does she?', Apparently he's never heard these two words together, or thought his mom was a funny person. He immediatly repeated, 'does she, does she...' and laughed out loud, it was so dang cute! Say it 5 times fast, it is kinda funny.

Brady has decided that, "when I get big I wanna work like Daddy does, his same job", good son, I say, go to college. We teach it young at our house!

Zach says his own prayers. "henny fader, a do daaayy, a do uncle janie (Jamie), a do dada" He'll also say what we ask him, but thats what he gets out with out help! Followed up by a very triumphant AMEN! (uncle Jamie is in Afghanastan, he's only been there a few weeks, THANKS UNCLE JANIE!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Boys

My boys have decided that they love to play together, wrestle, hit, chase, whatever they can get away with before I yell, "STOP IT!" Here they are EATING YOGURT in my bed while I get ready...I admit I told them to.... only to get some peace! But in my defence, look how happy they are!

Zach woke up from his nap, put on the hat and backpack all by himself, (not the best photo!) them wore them all afternoon. He is talking like a mad man, this morning Brady asked, 'where's Dad?', Zach's reply: 'He gone working, already'.

We are pleased to introduce to you the newest addition to our family, Baby Cake. He feeds her, takes her to bed, carries her around, and gets mad when he has to share. Zach is very concerned for her safety and well being! Here he is showing her his favorite baby chair!
Zach has discovered TV, "tewees", and Movies, "weebies". Brady has always loved movies. Check out his Star Wars tatoo, they both had them. Zach thought for sure his was an owie.