Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Rock

Jeff was out of town for work, it was a long weekend. BUT we went to Red Rock. I LOVE IT THERE!
Monkey Boy. I love this picture.
Personality. LOVE you kiddoes!


We signed Zachary up for soccer, Saturday was his first game. 30 minutes of kids kicking, crying, and having a great time was so funny! Here's Zach coming in to "tell you something", in the middle of the game.
Zach's stats:
Weight 38 lbs
Height 40 inches
It wasn't technically his check up so I don't have %'s
but I'm sure his 90-100% stats are still in full force!
The kids didn't really understand that there was only one ball, hence all the crying. But I had a great idea, I told him he'd get the ball a lot if he were the goalie. Gooooooooaallll! He loved it!
The older group was short a player, ta-da, Brady took a spot and now loves soccer. I am so happy about it! Yes these two cute boys are older than Brady. I was looking at his birthday photos from last year. The pants he wore were folded up 4 inches, and this year they are floods. He's a tall dude! At his Well check this week his stats were:
Weight 50.8 lbs. 77%
Height 48.25 inches high 90%'s
He is tall enough for a the rides at Disney Land.
Here they are running for the ball. Brady was aggressive, and fast out there on the field. He had a great time. (Red shirt in the back).

What Can I Say?

She is definitely the cutest bug ever. (sorry other moms).

10 month old stats: Weight 18 lb, 15.5 oz.
Height 30.25 inches
She has grown 4 inches since her 5 month check up. Ha! We grow 'em tall around here!
Also she is starting to crawl, which she hates, and walk, which she loves. We have to hold her hands, but if we are busy she is really great at holding onto what ever is available to walk with. Today she pushed her highchair around the kitchen.
Gwyneth has a lot of facial expression, always has. My personal fav is her OOoooo, her eyes get huge and her eyebrows lift, its super cute. Sometimes she whistles without knowing it!
She just figured out that she can sit up in bed, and this morning I found her standing. When she stands still we all get so excited that now she claps and laughs for herself.
I have decided that she thinks Jeff, Brady and Zach are all pronounced DaDa.
She says Mama, Dada, I swear she said ta-da today, and she tries to mimic basic sounds we make to her. She knows how to get what she wants, and tells me 'all-done', by sign language when she is. Today she was all-done talking to the man at the community center, so she started waving good-bye to him. I got the hint and we left!


Gwynnie is an ok eater, she really only likes food she can feed herself, and nursing. I tried to feed her mac n cheese. She screamed, threw stuff and refused to open her mouth. She actually shakes her head NO, and purses her lips! So I gave her the bowl. Apparently she knows how to feed herself! Look how proud she is!
After the Farmers Market at Tivoli Village she enjoyed a snack of strawberries. Yummy!
They were not sour. This is her "Squinting" face. She also uses this face to hide from people. I asked her to do it!
Nothing like a fist full of berries!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few more...

Zachary is a stinker sometimes. He is competitive (weird) and stubborn (weirder) traits he gets from his Dad and Mom respectively. So when these two things hit at the same time we get the silent stance.
My sweet babies in the trailer. The boys both wrestle with Gwynnie so well, she laughs out loud!
The second fish of the trip, and last. Uncle Jamey and Colby. Night fishing.
Papa Neil tried and tried to get her happy. But his deep voice was too much for this sweet girl!

Otter Creek 2

Zach figured out how to back float on the life jacket. He didn't want me to take his picture - a new thing for him - so I told him I was looking at Jeff instead. Little white lie...
Gwynnie had a great time, and only ate a few rocks. She has some serious social anxiety lately, so sorry to grandma and a few others who despite their best efforts only got a crying baby when they wanted her!
Brady and Morgan, holding the first fish of the weekend. There were only two fish all weekend.
Jeff hooked it and Brady netted the fish.
Floating on the lake.

Otter Creek 1

Half of the Sorenson Family headed to Otter Creek over Labor Day. It was a great weekend. Wonderful weather, family activity, and just being free to play all day was a much needed respite!
The first day there was Papa Neil's birthday! The kids traced their hands, drew things that Papa likes, and decorated the letters. When he came around the corner that morning he was greeted by his birthday sign.
Zach traced his own hand.
Baby Sister
We put the kids in a raft attached to a rope and let them float, life jackets required!

First Day of Kindergarten?

After dropping of Brady we came home and the little kids swam with Gramma and Papa.


I prepped Brady for a week or so on getting ready for school. Telling him to get dressed, shoes and all as soon as he gets up so that he would be ready when it was time to go. Well, on the first day of school he came out of his room ALL DRESSED, shoes in hand. He knew we'd make a big deal out of it so he was already embarrassed. Acting all shy he came out and just smiled at me. Brady is the sweetest kid I know, I'm so proud of him!

A last glance before day 1 started!
We are so proud of Brady! He is doing great 2 weeks into school. He really likes school, and his teacher.
Brady and Carly, all ready for their first day of school.
Finding his tote at Back to School Night.