Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Fun Times

Three kids in the tub, yes they spend the same amount of time in the sun!
Zachary, beautiful green eyes
Newel & Allison came last weekend, we LOVED having them! Check out all the broken feet!
Ali & Gywnn
Three wild monkeys


This is Gwynn's awesome sleep hair! It's so cute!
She got so messy eating I just threw her in the sink! She Loved it!

Swim Babies

The boys were playing so great this day. I'm pretty sure they were playing with bugs...
Cutie Pie!
Handsome Devil
Double boat.

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th Of July

The 4th of July is our favorite holiday. We had friends over for an afternoon of swimming, BBQ and fire works. It was wonderful.
This is what baby sister did instead of watching the fire works! funner for me to watch this!
Kids outside waiting for fire works. I think we had almost 20 kids over!
Zachary's sparklers
Getting Started
Zach still doesn't like the loud noises! He lasted through about half of the show!
Can't wait till next year!

'Indian Blood"

We have the greatest grandma. Jeff's mom is the most creative, artsy, inventive lady I know. I actually think in the back of my mind, "what would Caren do for a craft with the kids today?" On a regular basis. Our day with her this month lived up to all the hype.
She taught the kids to be Indians. We sat on the grass while she showed the kids a book all about Native Americans, Medicine men, and Indian life in general. She then taught them how to dance like Indians (picture Betty White in The Proposal), it. was. AWESOME! As well as how to do a great war cry. Told them to pick a Chief name for themselves, and to create an individual dance to perform. After this was accomplished she painted their faces, made them headbands, and satchels to gather things in, and sent them out to find 'medicine man' supplies. The kids found bee hives, leaves, sticks, and a bunch of other things to put in their bags. Great educational moments were had. I loved it! They performed their tribal dance for us before running through the sprinklers. It was a magical afternoon to say the least!
Gwyneth really enjoyed sitting on the lawn, in fact the only time she was really happy was when we left her there to play!
Chief Up High aka: Zachary
Chief Down Low aka: Brady
Six Little Indians doing a war cry!
Zachary in all his glory! Sorry to all moms and girl cousins who did not understand how much this kid likes to be either naked or in his undies, now you know!

June Was a Blur...

We spent most of June with my little sister and her family, almost by accident. They came to Vegas for a week, and at the end we couldn't say good-bye. Instead I packed up the kids and followed her to Utah! Yes, it was the Friday before Father's Day, and yes Jeff had to talk in church. He didn't care at all, in fact he practically pushed us out the door. I think what many people fail to realize is that there is no greater gift as a parent of young kids that having some time ALONE! I'm pretty sure he loved the whole week!
We did too!
We saw long-lost-friends, played with cousins non-stop (why did we ever leave?) and enjoyed the BEST weather ever, spending almost all day every day outside.
We were planning to come home a week after arriving, Friday to Friday, but extended to Sunday. We had to, there was so much more to do! (indian post next!)
My first homemade skirt, pretty dang cute if you ask me! (thanks to courtney, never could have done it alone!) Plus it'll fit her for at least another year!
5/8 grandkids, 'resting' after playing hard all morning. It lasted about 10 minutes.
My BF's kiddoes & mine. Cute bunch!
yes, I let him do that.... the neighbors kids were jumping off their roof. So this was our in between deal.
3 for 3 grand daughters. Couldn't look more different if we tried! Beauties all three!