Sunday, May 24, 2009


We were lucky to have Jer & Emily's family here on their way to a new home in Arizona. I guess we were busy because the only pictures I got were of Oliva and Zach. She is 8-9 weeks younger that him, and Zach has discovered that he loves babies! He followed her around and would hug her, look at me saying, "no no", let her go and then hug her again!!

It was so cute!!!

Brady loves the girls, they all put sleeping bags on the floor in the playroom and had a mini sleepover! We swam, and had pizza and just visited! They will be 4-5 hours from Vegas, but hopefully we will see them a lot! (haha Utah people, we are their closest family now!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Tonsils?

Check out his tonsils! HUGE! We have always called them 'gumballs'.

Pre-Op Room, Happy little Dude...

Post-Op, Popciles and IV's!

At Home (out of order!) Sleeping the drugs off.

Pre-op with mommy... He was so excited to have his tonsils out, this morning he ran into the kitchen and said, "Mommy, is today when I get my tonsils out?!" poor kid had no idea how yucky it would be!

We've been home a few hours now, Brady is soundly sleeping, AND breathing through his nose! Whoo hoo! He was full of nervous energy before the surgery, bouncing all over the room. Loved his gown, and the wagon they took him away in. After 2 weeks of crazy momanxiety and a 30 minute surgery we are here and he is good. After waking Bean cried a little and was mad about the oxygen machine hooked to his toe. But on the promise of popcicles he relaxed. After an hour of juice drinking and cuddling with Dada we were on our way home. I am sure the worst is yet to come, but as for now the part I can not control is over and we are doing well. He is just so happy to be home and he is loving icecream shakes and yogurt smoothies!

Thanks every one who called and thought of our sweet boy today! All is well and we are so proud of our brave boy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stinky Stinky Day

Where to start? Oh, I know, 2:oo a.m. this morning.
Zach wakes up screaming, and does so for an hour. Great.
Jump ahead to 7:30 a.m. I hear him up, and I wait a good 20 minutes, he likes to play.
BIG MISTAKE.... Bed FULL of poop!
Lucky me.
But I am an optimist (sorry people at church) so I take the family to our first meeting. Then head home, just in case.
Three attempted naps, 3 beds full of PUKE!!! Thanks Z!
Drinks water, pukes water.
Drinks sprite, Hello again Sprite.
Two bites of toast, Wassup Toast?!
He is now peacefully sleeping, my kitchen has been bleached, and for fear of being woken up, I refuse to go to bed, good plan.... Right??
Hopefully tomorrow is better.

My Boys

Zachins loves the train at Springs Preserve, It 'ChoooChoos', which has only scared him a few times!
Don't mind the boogers, but this is how Z tries to look around things.

Brady and Colin use our swing set as monkey bars, this week Zach figured out how to hang too! So dang cool! He has to concentrate so hard to do it!

Say Goodbye to happy Bean.... He is getting his tonsils out this Thursday.... he is excited to eat icecream for 2 weeks, but we'll see if he'd rather never have icecream again!

Me and my sweet boy! I told Jeff this week that for us summer is here, we swim every day. So he needs to say goodbye to make up and fixed hair! So far no major complaints!

Thanks to Brittany I found some affordable PF's for Beaners! Needless to say he wears them every day, loves them like they are a pet, and tells me all the time how cool they are!

One more of me new baby monkey!