Sunday, March 29, 2009


My boys are now sharing a room! YEAH! I have always wanted them to and now that Zachie sleeps all night I made the move. So far so good, Brady 'practiced' sneaking out very quietly so that he won't wake up Zach, and he really does great. We put most of the toys into Beaner's "old room", which I also really like.

As I set up the beds I thought they were a little too close together, and that the dresser looked too much like a diving board..... I was right. You can hear B say, "cannon ball"!

Z really likes to jump on the big bed too, I am just afraid he may jump too hard and fly head first over the rails! But he loves his big brother and hates to miss out on anything, so of course I let him!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!

Zach turned ONE a week ago... He is so awesome. When he woke up Beaners and I sang Happy Birthday, and pretty much throughout the day we randomly broke into song.... around noon Brady got mad and said, "It's NOT Zachie's Birthday!" We didn't sing for a while after that! Zach figured out that he can smile without leaving his mouth hanging open, you know the cute baby smile, and he even mastered batting his eyelashes!

You should have seen him go after his cake! It took one touch and he knew he loved it, dove in face first to get a good bite! I have never seen a kid love his first cake like that before! It was great! He sort of knew how to open his presents, with help from the big kids!

As a requirement it seems, I will let you all know the great things Z can do as a ONE year old....

Say; mama, dada, braa braa. Cheese smile on demand, feed himself (haha), cry on demand- as in throw fits , sleep all night, wrestle with B, play baseball, really! throw and kick balls, eat bubbles and bars of soap, almost run, ride a bike, push cars and make the appropriate sounds, play on his own and be happy about it, find any toilet in any house, take from B, pull hair, stick out his tongue, disappear (not going into details), laugh really hard, mimic this terriable monkey he got from his Great Gma L, and give kisses. There are more but these are the things he enjoys! WE LOVE YOU Z!!!

Fun Times

We went to Pump It Up for play group this week, Beaners loved it!!! On the way home this was our conversation:

B: Mom, we are not in Las Vegas.

M: yes we are

B: NO, We are not in Las Vegas, we are in Utah, lets go to Gamma's house. Right now.

M: Her house is far away, we'll go another day.

B: No, we are in UTAH (said like, DUH MOM) Lets go to Grammas

at that point I just quit talking, there was no way I was going to win.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here We Are!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sick Baby

Poor Baby Zacherizie, he is very sick. Has been for over a month now. Last week he had ear infections. This week he still has them, along with bronchitis, and a nasty cough! You know a baby is sick when all he'll do is lay and look at you through half closed eyes. So with an arsenal of Rx's we hope he gets better quickly!
It was beautiful outside yesterday and we sat out for a long time, which is when I snapped a few pics of Zachie.
Brady went with Jeff to play frizbee golf, needless to say he was tired when he got home, he fell asleep before I could even give him his dinner!
Brady has also figured out rhymes. Randomly, but he gets it. (i have not taught him about them

yet). He went to a friends house today whose mom 's name is Rhonda. "oh, rhonda, like you moma, Melinda, Rhonda". so he has the DA part!!! ha, what a cool dude!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Benny Man

As you may know Brady is OBSESSED with "SandLot". He makes us call him Buddy Man (which is what he thinks they say, its actually "Benny, Man!" If you listen close you can hear him telling Jeff all about it! He throws balls, rocks etc. and then runs to jump the 'doggie fence', and tells us that the "Beast" bit his shirt. You'll have to watch the movie, it's great. He also likes to layer his shirts to look like Benny the Jet Rodriguez. And loves his #2 Shirt.

Brady started Karate.. he liked it except when the teacher tried to make him yell, "Get Away From Me" and push her away! All the other kids did it but he would not even look at her! HE actually told her he was sick and couldn't say it! Eventually, for a sticker, he said it! He kept turning around to wave and smile at me!

Zach and his cousin Charlie!

Wrestling Dudes

Disco Bunco night! Poor baby was so tired! But Daddy came and saved him, no worries!

Beaners and Katie-O hiking, throwing rocks and getting wet!

Brady is A Big Boy

" I took my trailers off my bike, now I'm a big boy! Hurry mom, come see!"
Beaners decided that he wanted to ride his cousins bike with out training wheels, so he tried it...SUCCESS! Three times down the side walk and he was a pro.
I can't believe it, he's only 3 1/2 !! I think I was more like 6! So all he wants to do all day is ride his bike, luckily its been pretty warm and sunny here this weekend!

We have had a lot of fun the last 2 weekends, last week the Black Family came down, which was great! We girls made aprons, went hiking, watched movies, and told jokes late at night (ok 9p.m. is to late!)

Papa Bobbus was here too, but I think he was trying to stay away from all the women, so we only saw him a little bit!

I had Bunco night, 70's themed which was great, coming next month... Miss USA!

Zachie is getting so big and smart lately, he dances, shakes his head, asks for milk (a fake sign language thing) follows brady everywhere, wrestles, smiles, talks non stop and wanders around playing all day. He claps and gets excited to see bra-bra and daddy, screams when we walk out the door and leave him behind, and TA-DA... rides our little 4 wheeler all by himself! The battery has to be almost dead but he holds on tight and pushes the gas!