Saturday, May 15, 2010

CA & UT 3

ok, this picture is in Vegas, but you have to see the boots papa bob bought for Brady. Yes, he loves them! Oh, and my wonderful hubby bought Brady a 4 wheeler.... thankfully it doesn't work.

Back on Vacation, we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point. I love that place! We even found a goat that looked like Lainey.....hhahaaaa

Gramma P made banana bread, Zach wanted his own loaf. So he got it.

We rode the wagon ride, and the ponies. I wish I had a farm, that would be paradise!
Did I mention we woke up to snow, two days after being at the beach? It was awful! The kids LOVED it!

CA & UT 2

This is how Zach and Lainey relaxed, watching Disney channel, fake talking on the phone, and laid out all comfy!
Brady 'caught' his first snails on this trip. The first one got lost, and was later found in the garbage, we still don't know how that happened, I am guessing Zach. But, he loved those snails. We had to put water in the sink so they wouldn't dry out. No, I didn't teach him to put salt on them. I think he's still too young to get joy out of killing bugs!

Me and My Sister, and Krew!

Court, Lainey and Krew. Love these babies!

Here are the kids touching, Weird Things at the Aquarium!


my Sweet sister and I planned for months a trip to the beach...2 moms, 4 kids, 3 days. It was wonderful! Cold, but who cares? The kids still got wet, played in the sand, and walked to the beach like troopers every day. Brady loved it the most I think!
We got smart the second day and bundled up over our suits. Zach put on his own hat, and wore it all day! Why is it that kids would rather be outside than anywhere else, reguardless of the weather?

Me and my Boys!

The coldest morning we drove a few miles to Lego Land (no we didn't go there) We hit up the aquarium on the lot. The kids loved it. Especially the sharks!!! Brady had to tell
jeff not to be afraid for us, the sharks were in tanks!

They also got to touch starfish, crabs, and a few other weild looking sea creatures. Which was pretty awesome.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What a Wonderful day! Mother's Day! I slept in until I couldn't stand laying in bed awake anymore (it was 8 a.m.! sad, right!?) Jeff made me a wonderful breakfast of french toast, hashbrowns, and sausage... yummy! Brady chose the card they gave me, which was perfect and played music. Zach tore the card apart.
When I came out for breakfast Zach said, "guess what?" (i didn't know he knew this phrase) then he stood there for a LONG time and said, " Your Birfday!" which is wonderful, I love having 2 birthdays a year!
Church was great, I love all the talks on mothers, and I love listening to my friend Tiffani talk, she's the best, I cried the whole time! Brady didn't want to go up and sing with the primary, so we kinda made him.
Well, he stood there, but he didn't sing. I guess we both won a little!
The day is only half through, so hopefully the rest is also great!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jerek Weeder!

Brady and Jeff are watching the Yankees play.... Jeff pointed out Derek Jeter.... Brady just cheered for Jerek Weeder! HA!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby #3

Here are the 13 week "pictures" of our new baby! Everything is GREAT, HEALTHY, and growing! Check out the tiny nose, and long legs! We are so excited! Brady says it looks like a boy!
We'll see!