Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Rock Lbs.

Well, at my 32 week check up today I tipped the scales in the positive direction, I have gained 31 lbs!!! Still less than this point with Brady, and all my Dr. says is, 'You're doing Great!', have I mentioned that I love her??
I was up from 1-3 a.m. today totally awake, and unable to sleep. A side effect of pregnancy and house worries I guess....Both are going great, I'd just like to survive the next 8 weeks with out any problems!
I went to Aeropostale yesterday and they are having a fantastic sale, shoes for 2$, and jewlery for .99! I bought a bunch, and told Jeff that when you are big and fat you have to have something cute to wear, since clothes are pretty crappy at this point! He just laughed and handed over the money, what a great hubby I have.

So Dang Smart

Brady was in the closet this morning pulling all of Jeff's dress shirts off of their hangers and having a great time, when I interrupted! While I was cleaning them up he picked up a hanger and started saying what sounded like, 'kii kle'. As I listened harder, and watched what he was doing I realized that he was saying, 'Triangle'!!! He knows at least one shape! Yeahhhhh!!
Thank heaven for shows on Noggin!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Brady

HI! This large picture is NOT the new baby!
I am feeling all excited for him to be here and had to remind myself what I am doing being pregnant again! Isn't Beaners CUTE??!?!!!!
This is at about a week old!

Photog in the Making

Brady has always loved cameras, so tonight when he asked to take pictures I let him! He took these, which I think are pretty great for a first timer! After each picture he said, 'picture to you!' he was very proud of himself. I took the camera from him so that he could see the ones he had taken and he got all mad that I was making him be here is one of him throwing a fit too!

You can't smell him in these, but he rubbed Jeff's deoderant all over his arms after his bath, he hasn't figured out yet that his arms are not the same as his arm pits!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had a man named Esquibel work on our trees today and so Brady has been chanting his name all afternoon...only he says it phanetically. Es-See-Bell. It's pretty funny. (he skips the K).
I am almost finished with this pregnancy and lately I have convinced myself that if this boy wanted to he could just jump right out through my belly skin. It's like having a gymnast in my belly all night long. One night when I was really tired I was sure he would do just that - I had nightmares that night! Good luck to all you ladies out there who are also preggers, isn't is weird??

Saturday, January 19, 2008


ok, here's the kitchen.....
this is Brady, Colin and Dramma racing to the house.

I am so excited that I can not wait for pictures....We hired help today, along with my dad and Marcus, and gutted our house! *(well, Jeff did. I just brought food and money) They tore out everything! And cleaned up! We have a clean slate to start with, too bad I can not make any decisions about what to put back into it! The men all worked hard and I am soooo relieved. I thought this process would take all day down, 6 weeks to go.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New House

Well, it's official, we are homeowners again! We got our keys today, and we are so dang excited!

We have 7 weeks until we plan to move in- due to the fact that we are tearing a lot out and replacing floors, counters, and painting. The yard also needs work, but that will come later in the summer. I told Jeff that we can kiss '08 goodbye, because we are fixing up the house, moving in and then having a baby....I am already looking forward to '09!!!

We will be only a few blocks from Marcus & Heidi so that will be fun for Brady to have cousins so close by. Come see us in the Fall! We'll have a guest room!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I am a dork and didn't know that you all could post comments to me!! SO I have looked at them all and THANK YOU!!! I am very excited about all the future comments!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Park? Anyone?

I had a busy morning making phone calls so after Brady had 'washed' the dishes (poured water all over the floor), played outside, watched a movie, and climbed on the counter one too many times, I decided he needed my attention! We went to the park to play so here are a few pictures of my sweet son.

By the way...Brady told Jeff the other day that the bandaid on his finger was a "cacoon". Pretty dang smart if you ask me!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow In Vegas??

Yep, we drove an hour up Mt. Charleston to find snow, and there it was! It was snowing and windy so we only lasted about 1/2 an hour, but the kids loved it. Brady's boots didn't fit so we put on slippers covered by Jeff's extra socks, he was totally dry when we were done!!

Wouldn't you know that with my luck I was filming Heidi's kids and their sled took a sharp turn and BAM! They ran right into me!!!! I have never laughed so hard! But don't worry, I saved the camera and let Sissy face plant in the snow....Fun day all in all.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Boy!!!

So we are going to start trying to potty train Brady....wish me luck!!! For Christmas he was given big boy undies from Santa. He wore them one day under his shorts but on top of his diaper, and this day he wore them on the outside all the way! So this morning I took his diaper off and he said he needed to 'poop, in a toilet mom'. He jumped up, ran to the bathroom, pulled up the stool and climbed onto the toilet. Then he said, 'I done'. Well, he tried so hard! So we had a chocolate popcicle! sorry about the sideways picture, it is as good as it gets for today!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Brady was a great helper with his cousin Lainey this weekend..... IF.....telling Dramma to 'Put 'er down', and telling Lainey, 'No touch it Yaney, ootaaayyy', qualify for helpful! But I am sure he loves her! They had a fun time this week!


Papa Bob set everything up so that Brady could go sledding this week. It was his first time and he LOVED it! Every time down he screamed and laughed! We went to a small neighborhood park and that sled had him flying! When we got home he still wanted to play outside so we made snow angels with Dramma Patti, which he called 'a man', and she pulled him around the backyard. He loved his hot chocolate after. His cheeks stayed red all day but he was so happy!

Christmas Holiday

Brady had a great time over the holiday. We went to Utah and stayed 9 days.....long time I know. But it was great. We spent Christmas Eve at Sorenson's and slept over with cousins. Brady loved it! Santa brought him an electric train set and he liked it so much that he played for an hour before I could get him to open anything else! Santa left a letter saying he really liked the cookies, and to have us remember the reason we REALLY celebrate the Christmas holiday.