Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Echo Fishivore

For her first camping trip this baby did really great! She was cuddled a lot and that was all she wanted! We had so much fun, the boys all fished, we ate good food, walked 100 yards to use the bathroom, and spent 3 days outside. It was great! We came home very stinky, and happy!

Panaca is almost not a town it's so small, but it is home to a great natural hot spot. It's like a warm pool! We swam there on Saturday. I didn't take a suit, and marcus couldn't find his kids' so the four of us cut off our pants and swam in our clothes, it was great! No one even thought it was weird! I love small towns. Jeff wants to move there. I like to visit!
Brady patiently waiting for his pole to be ready!
Zach loved the fish. We're lucky they were dead before he got to them!

Summer, Summer, Summer TIIMMEE!

Brady has been asking, "when's Summer?" for so long that finally at preschool graduation I told him, "It's Summer Now!" He was super embarrassed when he had to walk out to the stage with his class. He's a shy kid when it comes to people looking at him....wonder where that comes from? He had a shy face the whole time and hardly moved his mouth to sing the songs! So funny!
They really went all out for this graduation. The stage was covered in lights, they gave out these great diplomas, and shook hands with each graduate. We had a 'catered luncheon, and they gave all the kids things to work on over the summer!
This Fall Kindergarten, here we come!

Nine Years Ago Today.....

We looked nothing like this! Three beautiful children later, I still love you baba!
Happy Anniversary!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nuggett New New

The Title of this post was created by Brady. He's very creative. We are doing "Triple Treats", a community center class, at home this summer. With Zach, instead of dropping Brady off. So far we have made many drawings, this little felt and toilet paper roll monster, and a shoe box lizard cage. The nice thing for me is that we have a craft cabinet now, which we can dig into at any time and we don't have to drive anywhere!

Brady just finished his tball season. Which was really fun this year, he loved playing and even made a few plays that blew us away! He catches everything that comes his way! His favorite positions are pitch and first base, I think because there is a lot of action in those positions!

I Love To See The Temple, by Zachary

Last fall on our way home from Fish Lake we sang, "I love to see the Temple", over and over and over again! Zach loves this song, in fact it's the only song he likes to sing on most occasions. We went to the school talent show. He danced right along with the performers, clapped to the beat and just had a great time. When we got home he wanted to be watched! He danced a few times, and sang to me. The WII remote is his microphone. When I told him to sing a song he hummed, or danced, so I had to choose a song to have him sing! So with out further adou,
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, for your listening enjoyment, Mr. ZACHARY SORENSON!!" (I had to say that every time!)

cutie patootie

Was there ever a cuter baby girl? Ummm nope. (sorry!)
Cheese! She was getting so excited about having her picture taken! This was a cheesy grin right before she laughed! Gwyn loves all picture taking devices!

Baby Firsts

Gwynnie is starting to do all kinds of things, it's so sad, but soo fun to see her grow and learn and begin playing!
At 5 months I started feeding her baby food. It's been pretty hit and miss, but this was her first time eating food. She did really well, and has liked the fruit and vegetables so far!
2 days ago we decided to see if she could sit up on her own. She's been sitting in a few different baby chairs for the last few weeks. Her favorite is the johnny jump up! She LOVES to jump! She sat perfectly on the bed while we sorted socks, and now she's a pro.
Brady shared his otter-pop with her this week. She thought it was so great she gave him a kiss!
Tummy Time. She usually hates this, but she can roll over from front to back and back to front now. Having some control makes her happy. She rolls all over the place!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

jr pony rides

Zachary LOVES ponies! SO when presented with 2 hrs at a pony 'ranch' he was super excited! This is one of a handful of rides he took!
Bean liked it too! This place was great because they lead the kids around by hand instead of sending them in endless circles on those metal contraptions. See the really old guy in the background? He is tiny, and he actually lifted Zach up onto his horse.. I felt bad!
This lovely house is where the goats live. It tricks you all in this photo by making you think it's clean... many a child left with goat pee hands, and goat poo bums. But this was the boys favorite place!
Gwyneth loved it too... I think! This is her newest trick, she spits. Only down side is that the boys think it's funny too, so they spit on her all the time!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clark County Fair

Back tracking a little! Last month we went on our yearly expedition to the Fair. It was a blast! Freezing, windy & a bit of rain, but awesome!
BATMAN! Who needs toys, with face paint you can play make believe forever!!
Muttin' Bustin Champions! Brady won 4th place over all, first place in his first round, with a score of 95! All 3 kids won money. No, Zach isn't sad about money, we made him sit out a photo of the three Busters! How rude!
High Flying Dude! Instead of going on Carnival rides this year we let the boys choose a few big rides to go on. Brady chose this trampoline bungie and a water ball that you get inside of and roll around in a huge pool! Zach tried to do this tramp but he panicked, and got out!
Zach's angry face! Driving race cars!
Brady and his winnings! $45, not too shabby for 2 six second rides!
p.s. No I didn't cut his hair, he did. "it was sooo fun", he said!