Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter, Vegas Style

Heated Pool + Kids = A Full Day Of Swimming! Yeah for spring! (2 weeks ago it was warm!)
We went to Sorenson's wards Easter Egg Hunt, ate too much candy, and then swam all afternoon!

Even this nugget had fun in the water! She loved her first time in a pool, looking at all the kids, and licking her lips to catch all the splashes to the face she got, like a little puppy it was so cute!

This is Zach getting mad a Brady, pretty normal! Perfect shot!

On our way to the Egg Hunt. What Baskets?

Cute kiddies

Gwyneth is working on sitting up! Here she was on her way down, but it had the biggest smile! Usually the flash scares her so she looks shocked in most pictures!
It's pretty rare that I can get Zach to sit in shot with the other kids, even luckier that he's happy about it! As Gwynnie gets funner he likes her more, he asks to hold her, he's learned how to make her laugh- which is super cute- and he generally knows she exhists!

Baby sister is related in activity to her uncle Marcus, she has discovered her toes, and yes, she was sucking on them!

Yummy, Yummy!

T-Ball Star

Brady is in his second season of T-Ball. He is really liking it. He doesn't want to practice but when game day comes he plays his little heart out! I asked him one day what he does in the field. "Catch the ball, and throw it to first!", I had no idea! And he really does it, hustles for the ball and gets it to firs base. Today it was freezing and super windy, he was playing pitch, but never chased any balls. I thought he was just too cold, but no, he thought there were already enough kids chasing the balls!

He got the Game Ball a week ago. He LOVES it! He wrote his name on it, took it to Utah for Easter, and always knows where it is! We're so proud of our little ball player!