Friday, April 16, 2010

Gummy Bears

Don't you love Gummy Bears? Sweet, soft, comforting, good with ice cream?
The perfect treat!
I now have my own; sweet, soft, comforting, loving-ice-cream Gummy Bear.
The good news is it's not a sugary treat, it's a new baby!
I am 10 weeks along, every thing looks great, so says the Dr., and I am starting to feel almost human again (I've been sick!) And now that the boys know it's also pretty exciting.
Zach likes to pull up my shirt and 'zerbert', or 'strawberry' my belly. He asks very nicely, "see dee baby?" first!
Brady has decided that if he shakes my tummy the baby gets to go swimming, really it just makes me want to hurl.... but he laughs and smiles so cute I let him do it!
We're all pretty excited (scared, nervous, etc.) here's to being pregnant, adding to our family, and a long HOT summer!
Oh, I'm due November 13th, it'll be a long wait!