Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch had these fantastic small wheel barrows. The kids loved them. They are great for carrying really BIG pumpkins, as shown by Brady!
Zachary loved his so much that he took it through the corn maze, and collected husks. He was a "hard workin man!"
They also had 5 or so large tractors the kids could play on. It was great!
One more from the wedding. Me & Wynnie at the Temple. It was nap time!
She discovered glasses this week too. She is so much cuter than Elton John in large glasses!

Fall in Utah

We were in Utah for 10 glorious days! Some of the highlights, besides the wedding, were: Butterfield Canyon, where the boys hunted goblins and ghouls. They got them all! It was beautiful!
The UP House. So amazing! It was a Parade of Homes home, and it was as like the original as they could make it. For a measly 400K it can be all yours, furniture and all!
We went to the pumpkin patch twice! The first night Zach and Gwynnie were asleep, so we HAD to go back!
Brady, Lainey, Zachary and Gwyneth.
All three dads took the kids on rides. Running through the patch, I thought we'd get thrown out!
Gwyneth found her first helmet. She loved it, wore it for about half an hour. She's so dang cute!

Wedding 2

BEAUTIFUL Alyson in her beautiful dress!
They made it!
My sweet grandmas, Cusick and Linford. So great that they were both there!
Three girls. Not the best shot, but they wanted a lot of pictures taken of their pretty dresses!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alyson & Newel's Wedding!!

Somehow I don't have a pic of the bride on this camera....coming soon!!

newel & mom at the reception.

Sisters & New New

The most beautiful Cake! Alyson's aunt and grandma MADE it! So Awesome!

How are we all smiling?! Heidi and I made the kids ties & skirts, they were a hit! What a fun and wonderful wedding. We are sooo happy for New and Aly! Love them!