Monday, February 7, 2011

Gwyneth's Blessing Dress

This is how happy she was to be out of her pretty, pretty dress! Best Picture EVER!
Her dress had bloomers!

I had to get a shot of the bow. This dress was so pretty! (and silky, and itchy!)


Look how pretty I am!

What a Blessing!

Sunday February 6, 2011. We Blessed Gwyneth Kate. Jeff gave the blessing. Uncles' Marcus & Jeremy as well as Bishop Pesci and Brother Duckworth stood in her circle. Sam F. Held the mirophone. It was a great blessing. Mom might have gotten emotional were it not for two wild boys sitting with her! They actually did pretty well, they are just distrating. I took notes for Gwyn's personal journal. It was a very persoanl blessing for me as a mom and for Gwyneth as a special child of our Heavenly Father.
As soon as Jeff started the blessing baby girl started to cry. She didn't like being held lying down, and so she kept it up throughout the blessing. As soon as it was over and Daddy held her up she smiled and was happy! What a stinker! Daddy did really well keeping calm and collected, and was only a little flustered when it was over!
This day was also a double-birthday. Daddy turned 31, Gwyneth turned 3 months!
Happy Birthday to my Best friend and my favorite daughter!

Promising this photo was the only way to get Brady into the others.
Zachary was bribed with gum.

Our little family.


This is how happy Zachary got just because Brady came home! Plus he loves taking baths!

All he wants to do is hold this baby sister.

Could Gwyn look any cuter? This bow makes her look like a present! Love it!

Funny Baby


This is what I get for asking the boys to, "Give me a nice big smile!"

Thursday, February 3, 2011


just another quick photo of baby sister!
We spent half a day in our p.j.'s (more common than you think), but I got these cute photos out of it!

Obviously Gwyneth loves Brady, why else would she be so funny for him? HA, love that face!

St George

We headed to St. George in January for the half marathon. Newel & TJ ran it, and did pretty well! They both beat their previous run times, and Newel beat the cute girl he knows from school! The kids swam in a heated hotel pool, and we spent the afternoon at the park.
These suckers were a must. Luckily they forgot about them, and didn't eat the whole thing!

Me and baby sister didn't swim, but the big kids were in there for almost 3 hours!

I had to throw in this smiling baby! She is so great. I tickeled her yesterday and she actually belly laughed, it was short, but awesome. She smiles at the sound of Jeff's voice, and wants nothing except to be held all the time, which we allow! Last night she slept 10 hours with out waking up to eat! WOW! She's defeniatly my easiest - so far! LOVE HER!!!

I guess she does look like Zac, a little. Happy, Happy days!


We introduced Gwtneth to her GREAT grandparents over New Years weekend. (gma bardsley's photo I don't have). Grandparents Linford live in an assisted living home in S. Jordan. He wasn't sure who we were, just that we had brought a baby. He held her and smiled. It was so sweet. I leanred that Grandma's aunt was named Gwyneth, I love knowing that even on accident we picked a family name! It was a bitter sweet visit, with Grandpa not understanding why we couldn't stay, and why grandma had to go back to her own room. But the love between them was so sweet and awesome to see, even with their age and memory issues. The kissed, said I Love You, and hugged. It was the most touching moment I have ever seen between them. What a great visit!
Grandma Bardsley was able to hold Gwyneth as well, commenting on how cute she is, and basically making a mom feel great! I love that my kids have had chances to meet and, kind of, know their great grandparents, what a blessing for them as they grow up to see pictures to go along with the stories we tell them.