Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Gift

The Gift of Companionship
I love marriage.

I love that it's hard.
I love that everyday we have to work at it.
I love that we are continually growing.
I love that he loves me on my grumpy days.
I love the quiet moments together.
I love the daily acts of service andthe constant sacrifices made for each other.
I love that we think of each other when we're apart.
I love that of all the fun places to be,there's nothing better than being home together.
I love praying together, setting goals together,playing on the same team and working for ETERNITY.
I love lingering hugs and holding hands in the car.
I love learning new things about him and realizing that he knows me better than I think he does.
I love the beautiful feelings of companionship I feel with him,
and I love knowing that he's mine forever.
If marriage wasn't such hard work it wouldn't be this good!

I can't take credit for this writing, its all my girlie friend Courtney! but I love how she writes and this sums it up so well, I thought I'd share! thanks carpool!

Monday, February 23, 2009


that was the lesson in rs this week. thanks to a divine sister who taught it and owned it so much, it was wonderful. i recommed it to every one, it was Elder Wirthlin's talk from conference I believe. All I have to say is, wow! good luck reading it and I hope you take from it a message of optimism, peace, and hope as I did!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

St George, We Love You

Me and Bean, see he looks like me, not all Jeff!
This is the new smile Zachie does for us, it's so dang cute, and he gets so proud of himself for doing it!

Brady looking at animals through 'binocs'. Which he loved!

Dinosaur Museum, pretty cool. We dug up dino eggs, kind of. Mostly they rolled crayons down the ramp and ate them.

Brady, what are you looking at?

But we hate the Howard Johnson Hotel (thanks to Jeff's boss anyway for the little get away)!
Jeff had to train someone in St G for the day so we went the night before and spent the day bumming around town. We went to 2 Museums, the park, 'Chicken Donalds', and rode bikes at a local church while Zach napped in the car... oh and Bean swam, in 25 degree weather in a hated pool, he lasted 15 minutes, pretty good for freezing!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zach Walks!

Who ever said that Friday the 13th had to be a bad day? It was a great one at our house, Zach has decided to walk, everywhere. Its so cute, and we are so excited that he won't have freezing, or dirty hands anymore! Enjoy the video!

OK he is a man of many talents.... Brady and Jeff have worked hard to get Zach to play ball with them, so far he can throw like a champ... batting is still a work in progress!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jeff got the Vacation of MY dreams last week.... I left him home alone while I took the boys to Utah. We stayed a week and spent time with some much missed friends. Brady had to get snow boots, which he wore constantly, thanks grammie p!
Thanks to gramma Caren and Jill for letting Brady live there for a week! Brady had so much fun with his 1st and 2nd cousins! Oh and Zach weaned himself.... that was easy. If only it weren;t colder than death in Utah maybe we'd come back soon, as it is look for us again in the Summer!
undortunately my batteries died so this is all I have, ANGIE and mom would you send me the pics. you took?? Thanks!
How could I forget Zach's first taste of Lemon??