Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Boys

As I cleaned the bathroom today Zach decided to clean his truck. He did a really great job!
It rained here 24 hours straight....flooding the back patio. Brady and Jaxon had a great time splashing through the puddles! They thought it was funny that I wrapped them in garbage bags... but it kept them a little dry! And of course I couldn't find any painting Tshirts tied tight worked great!

We made cookies! Yummy! And yes, Zach is always this happy around food!
These two like to read books, and Zach likes to lay in Brady's bed... so here you go!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Park Day

Zachins would climb the rock wall then slide on his bum to the slide, up and down the entire time
We went to the park to play baseball, Brady got plastic bases for Christmas. He hit, ran the bases and caught a few grounders with Jeff. It's pretty fun to see my little guy run the bases and laugh his head off!

'mom, did I leave my eyes open the whole time?' ha! This kid always closes his eyes in pictures.

Zach has discovered "pockiks". Handsome Devil.


Trip to Utah

Thank Heavens that my parents are crazy snow clothes collectors! They had pants for all of the teenagers, as well as boots!
You should have seen Papa Neilgo down the hill on a skate board, without wheels! He made it all the way down, it was great!

Brady was a MANIAC on the slopes! He took air every time down, screamed adn laughed the whole time, I'm not sure he's ever been that happy! When I asked him if he had fun his response was;
"it was AWESOME!!'
Unfortunately Zachins was too tired to sled more than once. He laid on Dramma PP instead!

We all went sledding. SO FUN! Zach had to borrow pants and boots, but he was a cute vision in pink!
Jeff had to work in St. George the day before New Years, so we stopped for the night on our way to SLC. Me and the boys toured the Bringham Young House. It'll be better when they are older and know they aren't supposed to touch everything! But it was great for me to see. My grandma & Pa Linford served their mission in St. George and I remember doing the tour with them when I was around 11. My grandpa's story about the tiny tub was the best, but the tour was still great!


About every 3 months I make a trip to the COIN LAUNDRY down Charleston. I take treats, drinks, and two funny kids! When I tell people I've been to the laundrymat they usually resond, "oh, why? is your machine broken?"
NO! i love the Coin laundry!
I go when I have around 12 loads to do. It Takes 2 hours, and costs anywhere from 10-25 dollars!
i save an entire day of slaving over laundry, and the kids get to go somewhere new! In my DREAM HOME i will have 4 washing machines and 5 dryers.
i love u Coin Laundry!