Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Hair Cut

Two Firsts, really. Last night, because I am afraid of leaving her, Gwynnie went to her first Baseball game. Las Vegas 51's. We had great booth tickets with some great friends! We sat inside, in a cool non-smoke filled room and talked the night away. It was wonderful!
She was terrified of Cosmo. This is how she hides, putting one arm over her ears. Then when we got close to him she started making quiet screaming sounds, it was so funny!
After her first hair cut!
During her first hair cut...
Before her first haircut... moppy cute baby! LLLOOOVVEEE her!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pre-School Boy

Today was Meet the Teachers day at Zachary's preschool. He was not very excited. I didn't know why, because he is usually so excited about school, almost so obsessed with going that he makes me crazy.
Well, we went. He didn't talk to his teacher. He hardly played with the toys. Jeff was there, and even that wasn't exciting. This is my crazy wild child.
On the way home he finally started talking. About his Binkie..... OOhhhh. Well, while getting ready I said to him that big preschoolers don't have binkies, so we could get rid of his on the first day of school.
As soon as he heard no binkie & school in the same sentence, he was gone.
Forget school.
He hates it.

side note: I told him he could keep it.... he's happy now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week

Gwynnie pulled herself up on the couch! She grabs the cord, pulls her face up, then bites it till she's standing! She has only done it a few times. This time I was out of the room and came in to see her standing. Such a sad and sweet moment! She is so funny. Tonight she was laughing out loud at Bean, just for walking next to me while I held her. She hides from Jeff, by covering her ear and laying on me. LOVE HER! Gwyn can't crawl. But she lays on the floor, gently, then rolls all over the place. She's pretty fast too, it allows her to get anywhere she wants!
I took the kids to the Springs Preserve this week. So fun. And what an easy way to spend a few hours.
Here they are in the nest. Carly is the mother bird, Zach's a squirrel, Colin is a bird, Brady's a stick! I think Gwyn was the baby egg.
Cute girls!
Just had to throw this one in. This is her pretty regular face, sucking on her bottom lip, and smiling. So sweet!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Swim

Zachie doo
The boys are obsessed with shark week. So in this game Brady was seal, and Zach and Dad were sharks, on the hunt. Super funny!
Snacks to keep us going.
Zach swimming on daddy's back.

I'm not obsessed. I just love taking her picture!

In the pool, coolest floatie car ever.
I thought a sucker was a good idea. Well, it made her happy!
Swimming with her daddy!
She loves her toes!
This is the face I got while trying to feed her baby food. She hates it.... I'm in trouble!

sweet sleepy girl

I looked up to see her laying like this. Looking at me. I just think she's the best!
Sleepy face.

Slip n Slide

It's always hard coming home from a reunion. So we pulled out the slip n slide. Super fun. Gwynnie tried to eat and catch the water. Then she'd get splashed in the face and cry. So emotional being a baby who doesn't understand!

All three on the slide.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cutie patootie

Baby girl is getting so big! She's all arms and legs it seems! She loves bouncy balls, and lately clapping. This night I was rolling a ball to her and when she'd catch it she would start hitting it, and when I clapped she would also start clapping, it was so sweet. I love playing with her, she's really learning to play and interact and we have so much fun!

Fish Lake II

This is Newel and Alyson. They are getting married!!!! Whooot hooo! We soon to be sisters knew that Newel had the ring and planned to propose on this trip. Aly had no idea! So after Courtney looked through his bag a few times and came up empty handed she just asked him where it was! We snuck away to see it! and try it on....and take pictures... it was so funny our heads hurt from laughing! But WOW what a gorgeous ring, I love it. But I love her even more. I don't know how he got so lucky. If I were to dream up a family who would love him more, and cater to him more, and just be the nicest people ever it would not be even close to the Oka family. They are great.
Good job Little Brother on not messing up the family!
We Love you Alyson!!
Here are a few of my other favorite girls....
And a few more....
It rains there a lot, so to keep Gwynnie dry Jeff carried her under the poncho! So funny!
Dutch Oven Pizza, with Teresa Pesci's recipe for dough. Sooooo Good! I can't wait to make it again!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fish Lake 2011

Fish Lake is our favorite place to vacation. It's cool outside, rains a little, we fish, eat great food, and spent a lot of time with cousins we otherwise never see! This year was so nice because I wasn't pregnant, and we had a cabin. WONDERFUL! My family went a day early, and ended up staying at a great place called Otter Creek a day longer, we didn't want to come home! I gave the boys disposable cameras, so most pictures are not available, but hopefully they worked!

There were major bugs this year so we tried to stay covered. Baby girl wore this hat all day. She's never happier than when we change her diaper! Chubby little leggies!
Zach was drawing a line in the dirt and daring us to cross it. He was sure we couldn't do it.
When I was young we hiked to the "rocks" every day! We played there almost the entire weekend. This year Brady and Colin were old enough to do the hike. My great dad took us! It was beautiful! These rocks stick out from the mountain, and have a great view. The fun part is that the people down below can hear us so we yell and wave, pretty lame, but we love it!!
All the women folk, and some non fishing men, sit in a circle to visit the day away. These two sweetie cousins were in the middle having some TLC.
Colin and Brady went fishing every chance they got, which was at least once a day. The bites were few and far between, but they caught some good ones! I don't think I saw either of my boys for 5 days unless they needed food. It's hard to come home after having such a wild time with cousins. Already planning for next year! (to avoid unpacking today!)


Brady is the best helper ever! He holds Gwynnie all the time for me, and he loves to! She insists on swimming when we do, but she doesn't stay in as long. She loves the water!
Zachary was really quiet the other morning. This is why. He colored all over his legs and arms with a pen. He was SUPER proud of himself! He said he was a "stranger". I have been trying to teach the boys about strangers. In the car we were talking and I asked him what his Dad looks like. Brady started with, brown hair and a blue suit (scrubs), Zach yelled out, "He looks like a GENIUS!" sooo funny!
Brady and Jeff are obsessed with WII's home run derby game. They play a lot, and get really excited when they beat their best score.
This cute outfit had to get credit. Auntie Jill made her cute hair bow, and Brittany gave her the minnie mouse shirt. So cute! Thanks!
bow by Jill! Skirt by mommy and auntie Courtney! (mostly court). LOVE THIS GIRL!