Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Halloween??Or Kids Gone Wild?

Carly, Brady and Colin had some help from Uncle Newel getting all dressed up Monday night. After I took these pictures Carly and Brady got in the tub (no we parents were not aware of it) luckily the fireman costume kept Brady dry!!!
It also protected him later while he ate melted ice cream! This is my blue eyed boy eating his favorite food, toast, while watching Frosty The Snowman for the hundreth time this week!!!
Yesterday morning Beaners and I were eating and he looks at me and this was our conversation:
B: Mommies belly.
Me: yea, what's in mommies belly?
B: ......a baby.....
Me: that's right, baby brother.
B: (in his highest cutest voice), ohhh' sooo cute!

I just laughed, and he thought that was embarrassing! It is so far the first and only time he has acknowledged there being a baby with out acting like he hates the whole idea! So we must be making progress!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ginger Bread House

Here is Brady's Man. He is very excited about it!

Newel and Cassie are here this weekend and we are all loving it! Brady wakes up each morning and asks where they are!

After dinner last night we all sat together to make a ginger bread house, courtesy of Costco. The kids made little men, Colin added lights around the windows, Carly ate everything she could get her hands on and Brady stuck candies anywhere there was frosting! But don't be fooled, it was Jeff, Newel, and Marcus who had the most fun!

We are heading to Herriman this weekend for the Chistmas holiday and we can not wait! I have all my shopping done, and wrapped. Jeff has yet to step foot in a store, but that is pretty normal!

We love you all, Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tunnel of Lights at Sunset Park.

This is us trying to get Brady to hold still for a picture....We lost. We are trying to do something 'Christmas'ey' every few days. So last night we went with the Cusicks to see lights. We drove through Sunset Park, then headed to the Cactus Garden and walked through there. Every Cactus was COVERED in lights, it was beautiful! The only down side was that Brady didn't understand the whole cactus' are sharp thing, so he was all over the place!! Then as we were leaving he slipped, scratched his chin and hit his head! All in all it was a great family night!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Santa Clause, WHHAATTTT?!?!?

We Finally bought a tree, its fake, but Wow, how easy can it get!? Brady helped me decorate it today while Daddy watched Roudolph! Brady could see himself in the golden ornaments and was all excited that he was,' in a ball'! Our tree lights turn on by pushing a large of course he stands there and pushes it over and over again!

Brady experienced Santa Clause for the first time this week. He was all excited until he realized that I was taking him to sit on Santa's lap! His whole body tensed up and he was instantly bawling! If you can't tell I have him in a death grip so that he can't get away! When it was all over the lady said,'Do you still want the picture?' hahaaaa...YES!

disclaimer: for those of you who think this was rude, no worries. As soon as I stood up he was happy and asked for the coloring book Santa was giving out!! What a stinker!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday

We haven't posted since May, so sorry for the time lapse! The Cusick Family came to Vegas this year for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a beautiful dinner, thanks to Heidi who likes everything to match, and to the rest of us who all cooked and planned along with her. Jeff said that he is grateful for in-laws who he truely likes, and I said I am grateful for having all these boys in my life; Jeff, Brady and soon to be new baby boy~ incase you didn't know! We spent a lot of time at parks, eating food, and watching football. We threw in a little shopping and a quick trip to the Bellagio Garden and Fountain. We had a Christmas Breakfast, and had the kids open gifts, it was great fun, The kids are all old enough to know that they are getting presents, and they squealed and ripped them all open! Then spent the morning playing together. Everyone left this morning, and we are a little bored, and a lot tired! We hope you all have had a great start to this Holiday season.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reading in the Car

It's a long drive from Vegas to Herriman, so Brady keeps busy with a good book!

Cows Go Moooo

On our way to Herriman last week we made a stop in Levan to visit great-grandma & pa Cusick. The neighbors have about half a dozen calfs which we could hear and see when we arrived. Brady loved them so much that after we had been down he snuck back out and through the fence, where he stood and 'Moo'ed at the cows from across the street!