Tuesday, August 17, 2010

88 More Days

Here I am at 27.4 weeks pregnant.
88 Days left.
Sounds like a long time, but when you start planning holidays, thinking they are coming too soon, then you realize the baby comes BEFORE that, it seems like a very short time.
Baby girl moves ALL the time it seems to me. Which is a great thing.
She's doing great, and I only want to die from heat during the day. Not too bad.
I hate to say it, but I have only this week realized that I am having a BABY!
Up all night, onry mommy, tiny screaming girl, 2 crazy boys, BABY!!!
I am part totally excited, part totally scared! Ready or not Here She Comes!


I am making duvet covers for the boys beds. Thanks to a great friend who had Yankees jersey fabric! Brady was very busy playing games under his while I tried to figure out how to make a button hole. He already loves it!
This is what I get for trying to get a picture of him! I'm pretty sure he's punching me. Good thing he's cute.

Some Fun Things

Jax, Brady and Nathan. Kids Kamp is Awesome!!! These are their scary faces!
Zachins wanted to curl his lashes too! He did a great job....

Introducing Baby Kake, Zach's favorite baby. And his big boy 'unders'. Pretty cool except that he didn't have anything on yesterday when he had diarrhea all over my carpet! SICK!!

Costco Box, 2 boys, and a hot afternoon = Movie In a Box

Zach LOVES Monsters Inc., here he was all camped out watching it all by himself. He has since discovered Bolt, which he likes equally.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Girl's Great!

I had an ultra sound with a cardiologist today. To listen for Baby Girls presumed murmur. It was gone! Yeah! (also did you know that drinking caffiene while pregnant can make your babies heart skip a beat.... no more caffiene for this tired mama!) The highlight was getting to watch her move again. She had hiccups. So cute. We could see her little mouth open, once she even stuck her tongue out. Super funny! Dr. W also gave me a sheet of 3D pictures, which I've never had before. She's super skinny still so not all is in proprtion he said, but I think she's beautiful!
I'll sleep great tonight with Dr. W's words in mind, "she's doing great, everything looks normal". What else would a mother want to hear?!

Fish Lake 2010

Zach discovered worms. He loves them!
I don't think they get any cuter than these three!

Happy Baby!

Fish Slayer.
We had such a great time at Fish Lake this year. We went up 2 nights early, it rained every day - one day it flooded in a matter of minutes, all I can say is WOW. But it was wonderfully cool and peaceful the whole time, which is why we go! I think final count was close to 80 family members there, I'd bet more than half were under 10 years old. It was so much fun for the kids.
Fishing, hiking, running wild (which you can't do in Vegas), and shooting fake rifles. Life doesn't get much better than that!