Friday, October 29, 2010

37.5 Weeks

My friend Allyson took me for "glamour shots", as I teased her I felt like. She made me use a lot of hair spray, and make up. Which I guess worked well! It was a funny thing for me, I felt like a nerd, but it's fun to have nice pictures when you feel so ugly anyway.

I don't love my double chin, but HELLLOOO, I'm pregnant! haha!
Pregnancy update. I am a 3. Dr. says she's sure I'll beat my previous delivery times, which were 5 and 4 hours. She actually dreamed that she had to CATCH my baby!! ha! So I technically have 15 days left, but we are major prepping now, so I'm sure to be ready. Having two older kids makes for more stress in planning. Thank Heavens for Grandmas!

Class Party

Brady's preschool had a Halloween party, Zach was a great help, he passed out candy to all the kids. If they didn't say Trick R Treat he stood there and looked at them.... I had to give the shy kids candy.

Bean was the end of the parade line. He was a little distracted so his teacher helped him see me!

They served lunch after the parade, which they kind of ate! Zach thought he was part of the class. He stood near Carly while they sang songs, and sat down like a part of the class as soon as it was time. He was a very good listener. So we successfully passed his first School Party.
They said the Pledge, and sang a few songs. Brady isn't much of a singer, never has been. But he sang with his class and was so cute, doing the hand motions, and not even being shy. (he hates to be looked at!!) ha! Love you beaners!

Carving Pumpkins is a must at our house, and we start early. We may not decorate much, but we carve a lot! This was the first week of October, and our first of 3 nights of carving!

We had just bought the boys costumes. Brady is Iron Man, and Zachary is Darth Vader. They wore the costumes to bed, and for the next two days as well. I had to sew part of Brady's costume after that! How do you like Brady's scary face? Pretty good, I think.

Good thing we have a Daddy who will pull all the guts out, it took a few times to get the boys to reach in and take a hand full. We carved names in the back of a few, which they really loved.

We went to a local orchard to pick the best apples EVER! It was a bunch of fun for the kids to ge to pick their own apples! and eat them!
We each had our own bag, some came home full, others a little empty!

We ate apples for weeks! And had enough to make pie filling for 3 pies,
Thanksgiving Here We Come.

Monday, October 18, 2010

35 Weeks

ok, Utah friends and out of town family! Here is a lovely picture of me, last week. 35 weeks along. I made it small - there's no need to see it bigger. Sarah (who took it) assures me there is a cute one.... but some people can't wait~ Love you all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I LOVE Ultrasounds!!

Can you see her face? She's famous for that arm covering her face, but we got a squinty face, the nurse laughed at baby Girl's wrinkled brow in this picture!
That white fuzz is her hair, on top of her head. No bald baby here!

Here's the good profile. Arm still there, but weird how we can see her face so well. Iam super excited! Everything looks great, heart rate, placenta, baby size. I feel so much better! I was nervous going in, not anymore.
She's about 5.5 lbs. Meaning that when delivery comes I'll most likely have another 8.5 lb baby.
Also her feet are big. No suprises there!!!
Happy Happy Mommy!