Thursday, June 18, 2009


Bike Riding fools... Batman Twins, Cody's Birthday!

Ready for bed....funny faces!

Beaners and Mama went on a hike to Redrock, special time, it was so much fun!

Baby Cody! Love him!

Colin, Carly & Lainey on a walk with dramma... Future In N Out Owners

Court and Baby Krew

3 Of mom's 4 kiddies....Miss you Uncle New!

With Marcus and Heidi's new baby, family in town, and life in general we have been very busy this week! So much fun to have all 7 grandkiddies together.


Zachine and Daddy waiting on the doctors... Baby Z was so hungry and mad, so he laid in his crib and cried, sad but so cute!

They let the kids play in wagons, he only knows how to push it, so he crashed a lot, which made him scream, but he still had fun. He is not a sitter, or a watcher, so he likes to be all over everything and refused to just sit in the wagon!

A Quick smile before being taken away, he woke up madder than ever at the doctors...high pitched screams could be heard all over the surgery center! He gobbled down a huge banana and a sippy of milk....they let us go early I think, as the people in scrubs only seemed to make him madder!
All went well, he is sleeping still which is great, hopefully we are out of the docs office for a while now!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Coos's Own

Baby Boy Coos is here! So cute and also a very happy baby! 7 lbs 4 oz! We are so proud of Heidi and so excited to get them home in a few days! New babies are the BEST!!!
p.s. No his name isn't Coos Cusick.... "The Coos" is Marcus! FYI

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Beaners loves to skateboard, and Jeff tries to show him how to do tricks, here was some practicing!
I was reading with Brady and Baby Z refused to be left out, no surprise, so he climbed in with us....and yes, we are in the extra room, Brady has taken it over as his own, or as he says, "I sleep in dramma pp's bed!"

Chocolate Pudding, end of story....

Cutie Patooties!

Zachie loves to ride bikes, and chase Brady around, to add to that he has learned to he gets himself whereever he wants to go! Climbing on bikes is his new talent!
Climbing into the dryer, another new trick!

"Bean, show Mama your baseball stance!"

FINALLY, Zach will let us brush his teeth without hating it, today he did it all by himself!

Brady wanted to eat on the floor, of course I let him.... then Zach wouldn't stay in his seat either! Nothing like eggs and french toast off the floor! yummy!!
I am having so much fun with these 2 boys! They play together so well and are really nice to eachother! Brady is starting to teach Zach things, trying, he sets the ball on the t-ball stand, and hits it off, says "apple, hot dog, banana, oatmeal", and tries a few others.... but they come out as, "apela, hot dah, nana, oamaa", so funny! Beaners just wants to go to his friends house every day to play baseball or video games, ride his bike and be ignored my his mom basically! Yeah Summer! Late nights and playing in the yard are here, I love it.