Friday, March 18, 2011


I couldn't resist. She's too cute.

Happy Day Before Your Birthday!

My wild child turns 3 tomorrow! He is very excited about it. Today we added his party onto playgroup. Perfect. Everyone was there, and we didn't have to clean house! I made cupcakes the night before, which he helped make. His favorite part of baking is licking the beaters, spoons, basically everything I let him!
Ever since Uncle Newel came home from England this summer on an airplace Zachary is convinced that everything great comes from the sky. On our way to the park today he got all excited and said, "yeahh, my burfday pawrty is comin down from da 'ky!" (aka: my birthday party is coming down from the sky! it sounds better then I can type it! HA) That's how you know he's super excited, when some thing comes from the sky! Make A Wish!
His name was printed on the cupcakes in green gelly. He ate some!

He loved that he got the cake that had a, "Z, for Zach" on it.

We decorated and ate a few right after breakfast!

Cutie Patootie!
more to come! Phase I done! Nap in session.

Spring Break brought us a sweet treat! Uncle Newel and Auntie Courtney came down for a week! It was so much fun to have them here all week, we just stayed busy doing a whole lotta nothing!
Courtney helped me decorate Gwyneth's room, make Zach's bed, and feel like I was also on vacation! Lettig me sleep in every day! WOW! I loved it. New & Zach, watching a movie! Newel also took Colin & Brady to a movie, which they thought was super cool. He's the best uncle. He was here to enjoy spring break, but he always finds time to play with the kids, making them a top priority, they LOVE him!
One day Heidi, Court, New, and I took all the kids to the Town Square story time and park. Part of Story Time was a Limbo dance! Brady loves the Limbo! The park there is awesome! (dont eat at the burger king!) anyway, it was a beautiful day, we never wanted to leave!

Brady & Zachary

Brady, Lainey, Cody, Carly, Zach, Krew & Auntie Courtney. Water is quite the croud pleaser!
Two full days of post family depression set in as soon as they left! Good thing it's just a 7 hour drive to see them again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

She's Growing Too Fast!

Me & My Best Friend
Look at her skinny arms! I love to squeeze and kiss this tiny baby!

Gwyneth is starting to not like people, or maybe it's just that she likes me the most! She has started crying when other people hold her or even talk to her, then the minute I take her back she's all smiles! What a stinker! Not that I mind. She also likes my hair, she grabs it and tries to eat it, or else she just hangs on for dear life. Gwyneth also likes to sit up. She can't do it yet, but she can start to sit up, she has some strong abs! She likes to know what is going on around her. When Jeff and the boys yell suddenly she starts to cry, it's not funny either, I hate it! :)
Last week when she was free and clear of RSV I moved her to her own room. She's always been a great sleeper, but now I get to sleep to! One feeding a night, and all else is quiet happiness!
This is her all excited, she tries to eat her hands! Jeff calls it, Monstering Out. I call it Dang Cute!

Valentine's Day Surprise

Brady gave Gwyneth his Cinderella tattoo. And I mean he brought in the wet rag and put it on her arm! She really liked it. He got it from his class Valentines exchange. Brady was very confused as to why he'd get a GIRL one! But he's great at sharing.

Jeff always gets the kids (and me) a gift for Valetines day. This year our boys got Star Wars Figures, it was a big hit. Zach is obsessed with storm troopers, this is his serious bad giy face!
We had been at the doctor all day, so instead of me making a great dinner for Jeff he brought home Cheese Cake Factory, gifts, and an edible arrangement (chocolate covered fruit). So the day that started awful ended great!


Brady is the absolutle BEST big brother! He picks up Gwyneth whenever she cries and I can't get to her fast enough. He loves to hold her, and she loves him! February was a month of sickness for our three kids. RSV, eye infections and long nights for 3 weeks. It was not pleasant, but having such a great helper sure made it easier.
Baby and Daddy after a long night! I think this is the part of baby hood Jeff likes the most. Cuddling with our little angels.


Our local community center has a gymnastics class, that the boys have always done. The facility is awesome, and so is the teacher! At the end of Zac's mommy & me class they let the bigger kids come in to play. So here's Brady & Carly on the bars!
This possum hang is one of his favorite things to do, he thinks it's hillarious!

"To infinity and Beyoooond!" Then he jumps the 3 feet to the pads below! Cody is in the same class. Each day in stretching the teacher asks the kids what their toes smell like, nuggets or a hamburger? Yogurt or ice cream etc., this week Zach's answer was "SNAKES!" He's so funny!