Wednesday, September 29, 2010

44 Days....

44 days feels like it'll never come.
88 felt short.
44 feels like FOREVER!
I'm impatient.
I'm tired.
I'm not nice to my kids, which is too bad - because I'm having another!
Everything hurts.
I can't bend over.
Jeff told me to hire someone to pick up.
I'm excited.
I'm scared.
I'm praying everything goes as well as in the past.
All these things I think about - constantly.
My brain needs a break.
Bed time, Please, come quick!
p.s. Baby Girl, you're WORTH IT!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Brady started Preschool last week. He likes it - I think! When I asked him how it was he said, "Good". That's all we ever really get from him! But he does his work wonderfully and finishes, which was all I hoped for in the first place!
The fun part was that we had Kathryn and Megan for the week, and they got to go with us. I need to adopt an 11 year old girl. Preferrably with cooking and sewing skills, and a love for my kids!
Mommy & Brady

Handsome Devil.

Zach wouldn't let Brady be the center of attention. Look how happy my baby boy is!

We Swim in Our Short Shorts (boys only)

Boys love to swim, but who has the time to change clothes, wait for sunscreen to dry, and THEN jump in? Not us. We're lucky that we didn't have any sunburns this summer. As for modesty, that will come later in life. Sorry to all of our girl cousins and friends. This can not be helped.

Petting Zoo

Brady, Zach and Krew on the cow. Yes. Zach thinks it's real.
It's a tradition for us to go to Thanksgiving Point to the Petting Zoo every time we go to Utah. Why? The Pony rides, of course! It had been almost 4 months since our last trip, but at least once a day in that time Zachasked when we were going to go ride the horsies again! This time he patted the horses neck and talked to it while he rode.
Brady also loves the ride. He's a little more reserved about it, but they love these animals!

Dear baby Girl,

Are you trying to turn around?
Are you really really Tall?
Am I an unhospitable host?
Do you want me to look weird?

The past two days you have kicked,
and poked,
until my tummy looks very lopsided,
and frankly a little scarry.

Don't worry baby,
60 days left,
then we'll both feel better.

Love, Your Mommy