Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family Christmas

These are in the wrong order.... but here we go! Today is the day after Christmas, Saturday, and we wanted to do some sight seeing. We live in Vegas, but we never go down town! So we woke up, got ready and headed to the MGM to see the lions....Zach growled the whole time, and screamed when we pulled him away from the VERY crouded window!
We also went to the Bellagio. Their garden room is beautiful. The kids loved the train they had, as well as the larger than life polar bears, all made of flowers! Beautiful!

I've never been to the M&M store so we went there too... we paid 24$ for just over a pound of what, 4x's the price in a store? But we saw a movie, a race car, 4 levels of memoribilia, and Zach never broke anything! Brady won't smile at me....

The aftermath.....

Chrsitmas Eve. We are so happy because we wrapped all the gifts a week ago, so we watched The Christmas Story after setting out the Santa gifts.... oh and our kids were in bed!

Thank you Dramma PP for the jammies! Brady finally got to open something! For the past few weeks Brady asked me a few times a day what he was getting for Christmas.... my amswer was always Underwear! Two days before the holiday he couldn't stand it anymore.... "moooomm, please don't say underwear anymore!"

Christmas Eve Dinner! We stayed home ALONE this year.... WOW it was GREAT!!! I made a huge dinner, ham, sweet potatoes the works.... it took 3 hours to make, and 10 minutes to eat!

Isn't it Pretty!?! Thanks sister for the homemade GREAT apron! I love it!

Santa came to our ward party.... Zach disappeared so many times I lost count, he'd run back into the Santa room, pull his beard and yell in his face, "hi santa!!" It was so dang funny! And of course Brady ran around the church all night will all the big kids!

Who needs a play room???

Zachie's new church outfit!

Letter to Santa!

Santa at the mall.... "mom, I didn't even cry", Brady said when it was all over! Love that kid!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Yep, 29! And yes, Jeff put the '9' on backwards! Still, it was yummy!

The week before my age change, was Thanksgiving. We headed to Utah. Where, thanks for a great planner sister we did a lot of FUN things. The Dino Museum....A train ride, swimming, a LIMO ride (dad rented one.. best surprise EVER!) Lights, Mcdonalds, good food and a lot of resting. It was wonderful...

Brady looking at the air machine in the museum, so cool.

Boys resting in the morning.
Zach and his 'bink'. He is obsessed with it... I guess I missed the window of easy opportunity to get rid of it!
The boys on uncle Newel's put-put.
Zach is talking all the time. His favorite things to say are, binkie, blanket, mama poo poo, Beanhouer, motorcycle, tractor, airplane, and SANTA HO HO HO! As well as almost everything he hears. He is in to Everything.... I mean it... he is a monster with making messes, screaming, and being wild. Last saturday he fell over the pew at church... right onto his forehead, lucky parents.

Brady is getting older and while it makes me a little sad I am so proud of all the things he is able to figure out and do. He is writing, with help, a lot of things. He hates to color, and he talks your ear off if you let him. He is obsessed with motorcycles, loves his baby brother, and still loves watching movies. He is the greatest cuddler, and sweetest boy ever.
How can 2 brothers be so different? I love them to pieces!!