Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday

We haven't posted since May, so sorry for the time lapse! The Cusick Family came to Vegas this year for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a beautiful dinner, thanks to Heidi who likes everything to match, and to the rest of us who all cooked and planned along with her. Jeff said that he is grateful for in-laws who he truely likes, and I said I am grateful for having all these boys in my life; Jeff, Brady and soon to be new baby boy~ incase you didn't know! We spent a lot of time at parks, eating food, and watching football. We threw in a little shopping and a quick trip to the Bellagio Garden and Fountain. We had a Christmas Breakfast, and had the kids open gifts, it was great fun, The kids are all old enough to know that they are getting presents, and they squealed and ripped them all open! Then spent the morning playing together. Everyone left this morning, and we are a little bored, and a lot tired! We hope you all have had a great start to this Holiday season.