Saturday, November 19, 2011


Zachary and Gwynnie were giving kisses. She has learned to give kisses, we all love it! I don't think there is anything better than when kids laugh and play with and show love for their siblings. Zach's laughing face is priceless!

Her Favorite


Happy, Happy Birthday!

Opening her animal train!
Rainbow cake! I made it!
Gwyneth loved her cake, she mostly wanted to HUG it! So funny.
We had to cut the cake in half so she could get to it. She was a little shy about it, but she made a good sized mess and ate some too, so I think it was a success.
She LOVED being sang to. Every time we sang to her she'd clap and dance, and smile so big. She is such a sweet girl. She tried to grab the fire and I blew it out a split second before she did!

Gwyneth's ONE!

The kids all wanted to help Wynnie open her gifts! Plus they all wanted to play with this one!
This sensory doll is from Colin, Carly and Cody. The wings crinkle, which scares her a little, which is funny! It's a darling little baby.
Whitney, Gracie and Olivia gave her this Baby snow white. If it had blue eyes it would look exactly like her! Love it.
Opening gifts was fun, she kind of knew what she was doing with a little help!
Here are her family gifts and her cakes! (more to come!)

Big Boy

Last week we got rid of Zachary's binkies. He loved them, but didn't need them to sleep, he just wanted them for fun... all the time. We bagged up all of them, went to Target and spent an hour picking just the right prize. He chose a large race car that has sirens and lights and drives. We handed the binkies to the register worker, as payment. Zach said, "I'd like to buy this race car with my binkies." It was awesome.
The first night he was fine, fell asleep on the couch. Second night he stalled a lot before falling asleep but did just fine. We were looking through pictures of him as a baby and there was a binkie in his mouth, he got teary eyed and said he missed his binky. It was very sweet. He is doing great, once he said he didn't want to be a big boy! But he is! LOVE him!

Family Times

Bean and Dad playing games.
Wynnie has found buckets. She loves them! ANY bucket ends up on her head. She gets really mad when they fall off!
This night we were letting her look at all the pictures of herself after I took them. She loved it!
When the kids woke up we sat them all on the couch while I made breakfast. Brady yelled at me, "mom, take a picture of us to send to Grandma." Love all their sleepy eyes!

Another hat for baby sister!

My Babies

After church last week I snapped these two pics of my cute babies!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Costumes 2011

Snake Eye Ninja
Baby Ghost

A few more...

We gave him a bike for his birthday. Thanks dramma for the cape!
Kindergarten Parade.
Baseball cake!
Gwyn got ahold of someones icecream cone. She loved it.

Brady's 6!

AMAZING cake! (thanks to an amazing friend!)
Happy Boy!
All 3 kids got a candle in their breakfast today!
Legos for his Birthday. He can sit for hours putting them together!

Six years ago today the sweetest boy ever was born. We can not believe he is so big. Brady is an amazing older brother. He is a great listener, as boys go, and he loves his brother and sister. He is the best player on his baseball team, and he loves everything his dad loves. This fall he actually asked Jeff to watch the Yankees game with him. I am sure Jeff's heart melted!
Brady is brave and shy at the same time. He loves sports, but hates to have people watch him to things, a weird combo but its true. His shy face is so cute, and you never can be sure when you'll get it!
He would play all day of he could. Even as one friend is leaving he is asking who is coming over next. He has discovered sketching. He hates coloring. He can draw amazing detail into pictures, some recent favorites are a pirate ship, a prison (cop station), and a sketch of him, Jeff and papa Bob on a boat at fish lake.
I couldn't have created a better son if I tried. LOVE you Bean.

Ward Parties


We had a playgroup Halloween Party. It was wild. We ate donuts, bobbed for apples, made pumpkin art, ghost suckers, and danced. Perfect way to start the weekend. We ended the nixt night at the ward Trunk R Treat. Short but sweet! Gwynnie had two costumes. One a ghost, and one a butterfly. Brady was a Snake Eyed Ninja, and thanks to eating Cheetah meat Zach was DASH, the fastest runner, and Jeff was a typical Utes fan (his words not mine) with a sleeve arm tattoo. (he loved it).

Part 2 Pumpkins etc.

Carve it up boys.
Pumpkin Hand.
POOP exhibit.
Wynnie and " ooo Dada dada".

We usually carve pumpkins every weekend up until Halloween. But we went to Utah for a Fantastic wedding this year. SO we took an afternoon and the boys carved pumpkins. (Poor Gwynnie didn't get to carve one for her first Halloween). Bean cut his ALL by himself. The only down side was that he made the lid so tiny his hand fit in but not out with all the guts in it. We tried to get it clean, we did ok. He liked having a 'pumpkin fist". He also enjoyed paoking holes in it. We had a tool for that. It turned out kinda cool. Zach's was a happy pumpkin, who he carried all over the house that day playing with, having conversations even. It was very cute.
We also headed to the Springs Preserve once. They are having an exhibit on Poop. Yep. POOP. this was the highlight. It's not my favorite, but it was kind of funny. The best part was that they have a show a few times a week of preditor birds. We sat right under the stand the birds fly to. I had to keep baby sister's hands held tight. It was pretty scary to have them ladn a foot from my head! The kids loved it.

A Week Long Event, part 1

He wanted to be the only one in this picture. Mission accomplished!
Sharing cookies with sissy. Her new nick name is, Weinie Do. Thanks to her brothers!
Having treats and doing his work at school.

Halloween starts early with 3 kids, and a Birthday in the middle! A week before the holiday Zachary's school had their halloween party. A class parade, treats, and songs made for a fun time. Zach has cried EVERY time I take him to class since September.
Roughly 16 times.
I decided to take him out.
Then Halloween Hit.
He loves it.
Didn't want to leave,
what A Stinker!
He was very gracious and shared with his little sister. Who he loves too. It took a while for him to really see her as a person. But now that she can play he loves to play with her. I love seeing him be a big brother, he carries her, which is a bit scarry. He sings and dances for her. He actually has a dance he created, he pulls his pants up really high one day last week, came out smiling and said, "watch my dance". He pumps his arms really hard and leand forward. IT IS AWESOME! We have always said that he is our little comedian. He is, he loves to be funny and make us laugh. My little mini-Jeff is the best. Zach's newest sweet thing is that he tells me sweet things. "Mom, you're the prettiest", "mom, you're the Awesomest", any great thing he tells me I am. Also when he goes to bed he says, "I love you 5,6,7." This originated from me saying I love you too (2!). He thinks the higher the number the more he loves me. It's a very endearing night time ritual. LOVE YOU BUDDY

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch had these fantastic small wheel barrows. The kids loved them. They are great for carrying really BIG pumpkins, as shown by Brady!
Zachary loved his so much that he took it through the corn maze, and collected husks. He was a "hard workin man!"
They also had 5 or so large tractors the kids could play on. It was great!
One more from the wedding. Me & Wynnie at the Temple. It was nap time!
She discovered glasses this week too. She is so much cuter than Elton John in large glasses!