Friday, May 30, 2008

A few from SLC

Carpool Courtney came over with ethan and we had a great time, yes that is his real hair!!! My poor peach fuzz-headed kids! Ethan is 2 weeks younger than Zachie.
We went to Allison's to meet Kendall...she is a tiny thing! It was so great to see them! Congrats to all my new mommy friends! Here we are waiting for the Elephant show to start....then the elephant didn't want to play, so we sat forever and saw nothing extra special, oh well.
New new and Bean at the Zoo today...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Levan Stories

We stopped in Levan on our way to SLC and left Zach alone for a minute...when we heard him talking to himself! I got this quick video, but it isn't as good as how he talked to himself!

When we pulled up Brady looked at the house and said, 'I not going in there.' He is starting to be shy and weary of new places, which is weird, because he'll run away from me in any store!

UTAH Cousins

Well, I loaded up both boys and myself in the back of my mom's car and came to Utah Monday. It was the BEST drive ever...weird! We have been playing with cousins and friends every day and Brady gets so tired that he begs to get in bed at night!

Zach has been a great away from home baby, and is a cousin favorite! Here is is with Colby, Kathryn and Morgan at grandma Caren's today.

It took two days, but Brady did finally ask, 'Wheres my dad?' (:

More to come....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Name Confusion....

So we are gearing up to have my entire family in town this weekend and we are so excited. I have been telling Brady about it for a week or so, naming who is coming, papa Bob, miss Lainey, 'Tortney', etc. So this morning we are doing it again and he tells me that he wants to sit outside and wait for grandpa to is our conversation:
ME: 'Who else is coming with Papa?'
ME: 'Who comes with Tortney?'
'uummmm, Jesus.'
ME: Really? Do you mean TJ?'
'Yeah, Teedjay.' (TJ)
Then 2 hours later
HIM: When Jesus gonna be here?
Either he is only hearing the J sound and assuming they are the same name or this kid knows something no one else does....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi Again

Here is Zachies first face scratch, soo sad!
My Boys
Brady took this one of me and baby.

So who remembers in elementary school when we would suck on our own arms just because we realized that we could cause little purple bruises? AKA hickies to appear?? Well, Zach missed him hand the other day - so he already has his first least I know where it came from!

Hi There

Can you see the little pirate ship??

For those of you as obsessed with adding new items to your blogs like I am, this has most likely been a painful week for you - as I have not posted!
Last weekend we had Jeff's parents here, which was awesome! Baby Zach was totally spoiled, I think the only time I saw him was when he needed to nurse because Gramma Caren couldn't be seperated from him! And Beaners had a blast with Grandpa Neil and Daddy. They bought pool toys and a 'mote troll' boat for the pool, which actually drives fast and is really fun.
Zach started cooing and smiling like crazy last Friday, which is so dang cute! Poor kid has an older brother who touches his eyes when I am not looking....
We have been swimming when ever we can and trying to convince ourselves that the water is warm!!! oh man...brady got out of bed....with out sleeping right back!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Swimming Fiends

Guess who went swimming today?? It is about 90 degrees and we needed a little excitement! It took Brady counting to 3 about a hundred times but I jumped in! Poor Zach can't get in and wouldn't want to anyway, so he sat in his swing in the shade. Look at that chubby belly. What a great time. I set the timer and took a shot of me jumping in - Jeff wouldn't believe me with out it...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing Boys

Well, the boys and I had our Dr. appointments today. Are there any guesses in on how much our 'Chubby Little Dude' weighs? (Zach)......guess quick, here it comes.
13.4 lbs!!! WOW, that is a pound short of doubling his birth weight....Dr. says he usually expects that much gain in the first 5 months!!! Not bad for only 7 weeks!
Brady is in the 82% and 87% for weight and height, he weighs 37.5 lbs. Not bad at all (:
As for me, well lets focus on the positive, doing no exercise, and only hoping for weight loss, I have lost 28 lbs, also not so bad! We are all healthy and happy, whay more could we ask for?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Snack Sneakers

Sissy and Beaners hid in his room to eat animal crackers & fruit leathers while we made dinner! I guess they were hungry!


What are you doing son?? Making milk like mommy?? SMART!
At our ward picnic Saturday they had a parachute....Beaners LOVED it...I didn't get a photo of him smiling but you should have seen him! It was like he had never done anything so awesome.
He also got a baseball painted on his hand. HE wanted it to be black, instead they painted the outside black!
Everyone brought baseball stuff so there was a little pick up game, he hit the ball and ran to first base, Yep, he knows how to run bases....then Jeff showed off and hit one out into center field!

I told You He Smiles

Here is a little video of Zach, watch closely; at the end he smiles for a second.....then my camera died!!! Enjoy my sweet baby!