Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Zach was dipping his lettuce in ketchup then squencing up his face.... when we noticed and started laughing he didn't stop... this kid will do anything for a laugh!

squenchie face~ which he does on demand now!

The BEST big smile. Love this baby! He tells me when he is poopie, but only lets me change him if I have a good reason... not just come and change, but something like, lets get that kaka poopoo off your bum... then he thinks, OK! He is starting to talk like crazy, and we are so sad that he is getting bigger! he loves to play chase, attack Brady, and watch the garbage truck.

Happy Birthday to my BEAN!

This boy was so excited for his birthday that we had to have a candle in his toast! So he could blow out the "fire". Yes, it was still dark outside! He crawled into bed with me and when I said, 'Happy Birthday buddy', he said. 'yeah, I'm 4 now, because I growed up!' so cute!

Here he is listening to Papa Bobbus tell him happy day! He thinks everything is funny, hence the face! Brady also peeked at presents in bags, he couldn't stand waititng for Zach to wake up from his nap! (so we didn't).

Zach has discovered candy.... it is his new love! That and water, tractors (every driving thing!), his family, birds, and poking people in the eyes!

Blow out the Candles dude!!!
We spent the day with cousins, going to the Disney store, lunch, and then home to wrap presents and set up for his party. We had a great time! Brady wouldn't wear his costume at the party he said, "no mom, birthday boys don't wear costumes." oh, well now i know!