Friday, April 18, 2008

Lasagne Dish

These must be a sign, my dirty dishes, I washed this lasagne dish yesterday...we had it for dinner a week ago!! And one night last week my brother came to visit and washed a load for me. The sign must be blaring to my visitors, "HELP", I have two kids and I can not function!"

Really I am doing great, I think my hatred for washing dishes is just showing with avengence lately!

Plus who wants to do dishes when you could be holding a baby as sweet as mine?


Chinchilla Twin said...

So true Melinda so true although not washing the dishes for a WEEK!? That is a lil extreme I wish I had your excuse though

Heather said...

That IS one sweet baby! As for dishes, if Oswaldo didn't do the dishes, they wouldn't get done. I cook the food, he washes the dishes, and everyone's happy! :D