Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm A Swim Baby

Zach swims. Not very far, but he does it! Jeff has this ability to get the boys to try any trick, or to learn any skill much faster than I ever could. I left the boys alone for a baby shower, and came home to a "Swim Baby". Super Cool!

Only now instead of insiting on wearing his floaties he insists on Not wearing them....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

23 Week Ultrasound

Baby girl is still stingy with pictures! She likes to be curled up in a ball, with her arms infront of her face. This first picture shows her feet and her hands up by her face! She didn't like us trying to move her around so to spite me she curled her legs up too! This is the best shot we have of her profile so far! Here is her face! There was a tiny moment where her arms moved, so the ultrasound tech slowed down the film to get a picture. You can see her arm on the bottom side about to come up and block our efforts.
Baby Girl has a slight Heart Arrethmia (spelling) or an irregular heart beat. It's not too worrysome the Dr said. But we are going to a cardio/ultra sound dr in 2 weeks just to be sure. All the heart chambers etc look great, there is just a split second skip that we can see & hear. So we have to get it checked out. The good news is that we get to see our sweet baby girl every month by ultrasound. I can see and feel her move at the same time which is pretty awesome.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lil Sis

Yep, I'm chubby. Beyond that.... check out our Lil' Sis. I am 21 weeks today. She is moving like crazy. Each night and morning I am able to feel her pushing and kicking against me. Not just inside, but I can feel her when I lay my hand or arm across my belly. It's pretty awesome. The boys insist on hugging and kissing her, and last week Carly asked her mom if she could buy baby Girl some clothes! We are so excited! Other than aching all over I am feeling great! 4 months to go, whoo hoo! Let's all pretend that isn't very long!


This is how a 4 yr old dresses himself. Boots, Check. Gloves, Check. Sweet Kung Fu move, check.

While in Utah 2 weeks ago we went to the zoo. Brady and uncle New went to see the eagle. Pretty brave if you ask me. That eagle is huge!

He has been telling us lately, "I'm gettin tired of being called Beanhauer." When we ask what he wants to be called he states, "Brady or Braid, those are good". Zach can't ever remember that so he is still Beanhauer to his baby brother. And we forget A Lot, so it's a slow process, which is good for me. He's growing up too fast.


Zach hits. Only a few people (sorry Livvy!) So we "talked" about it yesterday. It was VERY non Successful. But he did think his constant punching was funny. If he had used his angry face you'd be scared.


Did you know Zach has a binkie? And a blanket? Now you do.
He LOVES them. He loves his daddy too!

I love taking Zach to church. Not because he is so reverent. Or because I am able to listen so well. But because he learns so many things there.

As we were leaving today he saw the microphone in the primary room, ran in and wanted to talk into it. He said, "dis is zach", then looked at me for what to say. I told him to pray. So he did. He was so excited to hear his own voice that he couldn't close his eyes.

While eating lunch today he started singing. "Sunbeam, for Him". (Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam). It was so cute. After he finished he smiled at me with a huge grin, said YEAH, and clapped. So cute!

Also - when we swam yesterday he only hit 3 kids. Pretty good.