Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Diego

We went to Disney Land too!
Starting a few days before our trip to Disney land I started telling Zach he'd get to see Mickey Mouse. So he started saying, " An go see Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Loves me!" Sweetest thing ever! So we never saw Mickey, but we founf Minnie---who he thought was Mickey! While we were deciding what to do Zach ran through the line, grabbed Minnie and was sooo happy! Of course they made us leave, he screamed.... Thank Heavens for Grandmas. A grandma in line had a pass to go in the house with out waiting- to see Minnie up close! So we took him in! Never had he been so happy!
Why do our kids like the Park areas more then the rides? We could just go to the park here at home! Brady climbed the rock wall, and did this tire ride. loved it!

Zachin's loved all the rides! He and Jeff on the Heimlich ride.

Brady's FAVORITE was Jedi Training. He was picked by some miracle, and fought Darth Vader. He actually hit Vader's light saber, he loved it! He is an official Padowan (is that how it's spelled?) We have to frame the cartificate!

Zachary is OBSESSED with Monster's Inc. He watches it whenever he can. He thinks Sully's name is "Monsters Inc", and he says, "Mike Pizowski". We couldn't get him to look at the camera, he was WAY too excited to see all the things in the ride. He cried when we left it. In hind-sight I should have taken him on it over and over again! Oh well!


crazycranefamily said...

My kids don't like the rides to much either! We had a ton more fun at Sea World then at Disneyland. Oh well, as long as they have a good time! Looks like a fun vacation.