Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What a Wonderful day! Mother's Day! I slept in until I couldn't stand laying in bed awake anymore (it was 8 a.m.! sad, right!?) Jeff made me a wonderful breakfast of french toast, hashbrowns, and sausage... yummy! Brady chose the card they gave me, which was perfect and played music. Zach tore the card apart.
When I came out for breakfast Zach said, "guess what?" (i didn't know he knew this phrase) then he stood there for a LONG time and said, " Your Birfday!" which is wonderful, I love having 2 birthdays a year!
Church was great, I love all the talks on mothers, and I love listening to my friend Tiffani talk, she's the best, I cried the whole time! Brady didn't want to go up and sing with the primary, so we kinda made him.
Well, he stood there, but he didn't sing. I guess we both won a little!
The day is only half through, so hopefully the rest is also great!


Courtney said...

happy mamas day. sounds good to me. glad you got to "sleep in"....miss you. Miss your boys. Oh, I LOVE the new title on your blog....makes me laugh