Monday, July 6, 2009

4th, again!

(out of order) After the dinner we all stayed at the church and watched the city's fireworks. Which was perfect because we were a few blocks from the fireworks, so there was very little noise, but the view was amazing! Zach loved the fireworks, just like the rodeo he was a spas, he learend to say, "POP, and Boom!" He was pooped by the time we left!

The Wards in AZ got together and had a great BBQ, and kids parade around the church house, I totally remember doing this as a kid, so I was very excited! We decorated scooters, and headed out!

Brady had to wait for the pledge of allegiance, and raising of the flag. He popped 4 of his balloons in the process.

And yes, I was part of the parade, I pulled Brady the last lenght of the square!

Thanks to Jeremy and Emily for letting us stay with them, we had such a great time! (minus the not sleeping, but thats my kids' fault)!


Ben and Heidi said...

wow it looks like you guys had such a fun 4th of July with the kids and with family

Courtney said...

You shook McCain's hand? You shouldnt wash your hand ever again! Glad you guys had a fun trip. Love you & your sweet babies.

Courtney said...

YOU HAVE HAD TOO COOL OF A SUMMER TO NOT POST MORE PICTURES JEANIE! Get to it! I check back DAILY wishing and hoping for more... :)