Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and Senator Mccain

Prescott Arizona is a beautiful little town, and where we spent the 4th this year, with Jeff's Brother Jeremy and his family. I was so much fun! We went the the Rodeo, half of us left early, kids, ya know! But the boys liked what they did see.

When the horses first came out Zach about died he was so excited! He screamed, jumped up and down and clapped and pointed like a crazy person! Oh, and he attacked Jer's head, I guess it was in the way! Sorry Jer!

We went on a hike, which was beautiful. Brady loved it until he faked ( i think ) a tummy ache on the way out. Lucky his dad is so nice and carried him!

There was a couple in the hike with metal detectors, they had found a bunch of bullet shells, and let the kids choose one each, thanks!

Gracie, Brady, and Whitney, mountain climbers extraordinaires!