Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Zachie slept through his First Thank Giving! But he was susre to eat after, notice the messy shirt?! Isn't he the cutest little Indian ever? Jeff had the idea that everyone should dress up as pilgrims or Indians....it was a hit, you should have seen Jeff's outfit (I can't describe it here, he'd be mad, lets just say it was GREAT, for a laugh!)

Here are the boys playing at Gma P's....

We weighed Zach at the Dinosaur Museum, 25 lbs..... 4 heavier than his 18 month old cousin!!!

We set up half of our Christmas stuff before Thanks Giving, only the tree left to do.... Beaners loved the stockings, and Zach just didn't want to be left out! It was very fun...I have 3 Nativity scenes, Beaners likes to get all 3 Baby Jesus' and set them next to eachother.
We had a great time in SLC for the past week. We saw almost all of our family (sorry friends). The kids ran wild and played until they were exhausted, we ate and sat and laughed and relaxed.
Jennifer hosted the meal , and it was Beautiful!! She spent hours setting up and cooking to make the day perfect, THANKS JEN! The kids we told to make up a skit, they sang songs, rad stories, did a skit and made up new words to 12 Days of Christmas, making it, 12 Things I'm Thankful for on this Thanks Giving day...so awesome!
We had a great week, thanks to all of our wonderful familes!!!


Ben and Heidi said...

sounds like you guys had such a fun thanksgiving. I bet it was so great to come spend time with your families.

Angie said...

I am curious about the indian costum Jeff wore-- I bet it was funny:) We miss you guys....call me this week when you get a free minute