Monday, December 15, 2008


We wanted a cute picture, so we got a funny face one instead!

Zachie slept the entire time, which was great, but the only picture of his first time to the lights is just one of a huge stroller!

There was a high school choir there, and the kids loved it, one girl was dressed in a HUGE poofy dress, Carly made the girl hold her! SO cute!

We went with our cousins to the Ehtel M's Cactus garden last weekend to see lights and have hot cocoa, it was great! It could only have been better if our kids had longer attention spans, we drove longer than the time it took to see the whole place, they were bored and ready to go after about 10 minutes!
Would you like a great recipe??? A sure fire way to get your kids to pee the bed?? Ok, here it is, buy them their 'very-own' hot cocoa a half an hour before bed. Easy and fun!!What a great night!


Nicky Yamamoto said...

I was laughing so hard at your "recipe" that I almost choked on my lunch! Thanks for sharing! Your house looks beautiful with the snow on the palm tree! Gotta love it! I am glad that you are doing great and have such cute kids! Love to you! Merry Christmas!