Friday, November 14, 2008

YEAH! So we started a BUNCO group....ok, I know, it sounds a bit lame, remember Trina's mom played?

I thought, 'Weird, old ladies playing a game for gifts, why not just buy something for yourself, skip the game?'

But now I have seen the light. Getting together once a month to laugh and talk is the greatest thing ever, forget the prizes!!!

Thanks ladies for playing! Love you all!

p.s. Twilight comes out in just a week! Whooo-hooo, it better be good.


Kara said...

Yeah, BUNKO rules!! I'm so happy for you that you got your own little group started, even though I still think you should come and play with us every month! Did you girls all get matching shirts or something?? You are too funny!!

crazycranefamily said...

I LOVE BUNKO! I was in a group a few years ago. I had a blast playing it. I love that you guys have matching shirts.
I have tickets for the MIDNIGHT showing of Twilight for Friday. Can't wait!

Tiffani said...

What a bunch of hotties

Diana said...

Melinda, is that Breanna from high school in the picture with your bunko ladies? Does she live in Vegas too? Or maybe my eyes are seeing things! you can email me! (Cute Halloween picts too! Hey that's exciting your sister is catching up with you and the two kid thing!!!

Allyson said...

yes tiffani those ladies are a bunch of hotties!!!

Ang said...

Hey Lady, I'm basically jealous. I want a Bunko group. So much fun. Are you coming to UT anytime soon?? I need a Melinda fix in a bad way. :)