Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Cool Idea, Helpfull too!!

So my great friend Car-Pool-Courtney, came up with some questions to get people started on their personal histories, JOURNALS!!, and I think they are genious, and could be a great way to start kids and grandparents talking and remembering together!!
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I am challenging myself to do this too, and am so excited, ENJOY!


Courtney said...

I'm famous! I'm famous! I'm famous! Thanks Jeanie for making me a star on your blog! :) Miss you, love you, want to see you this holiday season or I'm calling our friendship QUITS! I guess you have no choice but to see me.

crazycranefamily said...

I absolutely LOVED sitting by car-pool Courtney at your sisters baby shower. I peek at her blog once in a while and she is just to cute! I love this idea!

Diana said...

Those are cute ideas! I am a LOVER of Journaling...this is exactly what I need to help out my creative writing. THANKS!