Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Steps....Almost

Zach is getting too big to carry so I am hoping that this almost crawling thing turns into great crawling and walking.... This is a progression of pictures. He lays flat, then gets on his toes and arches his back, we call it 'getting up high'. He is also standing while holding on to things, a bit wobbly, OH and he broke a bottom tooth today! WOW, what talent. The best is that he squeals and screeches i love it! Enjoy!


Ben and Heidi said...

Cute little guy. Hopefully he will give your arms a full time break and get moving more on is own :)

Mycal Rosales said...

I'm so excited! Vanessa is finally walking, and it only took 14 months. I just got some video of her today, playing in the backyard. She actually climbed the toddler slide in our backyard and went down by careful what you wish for:)