Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fish Lake, Great Lake

We had a great time at Fish Lake last weekend. It was cold and rainy - and couldn't have been better!! The boys had a blast, Brady actually caught 2 fish. When Jeff took him out on the boat he was able to hold one and then release it back, which he thought was awesome! Jeff caught one fish also....weird because everyone else caught at least 4 or 5...... Marcus swore off fishing.....I visited and played with kids......Beaners ran wild.....and Zachie was easy and sweet.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Linford for starting Family Reunions!!!


Sarah Bogh said...

how fun! its so cool to look on here and see people visiting the place i grew up! what a fun vacation and probably a nice relief from the heat huh?

Ben and Heidi said...

Looks like fun. I just love your mom both of you look so cute in the pictures

KaSeY said...

fish lake ;) looks like you had a great time with your cute family!