Monday, March 31, 2008

Typical Jeff and Marcus....Enjoy!

OK, so I have to admit that Jeff and Marcus think they are pretty funny, here they are doing a Rap in Spanish...It most likely makes no sense, but it was so funny to watch, so I hope you laugh too!!


The Sorenson's said...

Jeff is quite talented - can't wait to show the video to Jer when he gets home tonight! We miss you guys!

Chinchilla Twin said...

Oh my gosh Jeff is such a dork!!!!!
I had a dream yesterday that Brady and Zock starred in. Weird huh?
Love, Hannah
P.S. the video of Zock is adorable

Ang said...

That was hillarious!

Ang said...
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Angie said...

that was hilarious-- i think that he should go on american idol:) i would vote for him!! that is a video that would make it on the news for being so silly:)