Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter and Dramma

Brady had a great time playing with his Easter basket. We didn't color eggs this year, but he did go to an egg hunt and get a basket which seemed to be enough! Dramma took the boys out in the yard to play on Brady's 'Park'. It has been beautiful outside here and we stay out as long as we can. My mom left on Tuesday, she battled through a week here with us, what a blessing! She cleaned, cooked, and played like a mad woman with Brady!!! We miss her like crazy, but will see here again soon!


Alifinale said...

Ok, so family is gone - do you want visitors or dinner or anything? I would love to see the baby and be of any help! Glad you guys had a good Easter.

Goodman Family said...

Gotta love moms. They are the best aren't they!