Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"My Emmy"

Brady has the cutest friend in the ward named Emery. She just recently got glasses, and they are so awesome, kinda cat eyed and so cute! Brady sat by her in church a few weeks ago, and when he got home he put on my glasses and said, 'My Emmy'. So randomly since then he remembers and asks again to wear my glasses. So tonight I took a quick photo. Cute huh??!!


Alifinale said...

You didn't tell me you had a blog (Jen told me). And since you are blogging about my daughter you should have told me! He is so cute and I love that he wanted glasses like Emery.

Courtney & TJ said...

hey bean, how about those tiny nostrils? great shot. I am laughing/scared of your friends pic who posted a comment above mine. Cant wait to some see you sis! Hang in there, 3 more weeks to go, and just remember, you think you are tired and cant sleep now, but just wait, you will be wishing you could put him back in!
Love you