Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"My A Monkey Mom"

Well, I am ruined.
Brady still sleeps in a crib, as many of you know. But he is an excellent napper, so I figured as long as he can't get out he will continue to take naps, which is very important with the baby coming.... Well this morning I heard a thud and I thought he ust have thrown a toy from his crib, WRONG. Next thing we know Brady is in our room yelling, "My dit out a my bed! My a monkey mommy!" He was so proud of himself that he wanted to show me how he did it.
It scared me because instead of climbing out the lower side he went to the head of the bed and climbed over that. He starts by laying on the bar, then hangs for a long while looking like he's about the fall, and then, all of the sudden he flips his legs over and falls to the floor! I didn't breathe until he was out!
We'll have to see if he continues this climbing thing....I am not very happy about it.


Chinchilla Twin said...

He is a lil monkey isn't he well maybe it is time for a "big boy" bed. It sounds like he is haveing fun in Vegas without me (sniff :) ) Love your blog mindy

The Sorenson's said...

Good luck! The twins never climbed out of their cribs, but they would crawl into each others crib. Once we got them their "big girl" beds that was the end of nap time. He is quite the little climber. It was SO great to see you last weekend. Good luck with moving!

Chinchilla Twin said...

Ok I do NOT like Jacob Mindy I LOATHE him. End of Discussion I love Edward and Alice Alice is the best Jacob SUCKS.
Love ya,

Sin City Spuds said...

Brady cracks me up! Gavin handled the transition to a bed pretty well. We just put a matress on the floor and a baby gate in the doorway so he can't get out of his room. Sometimes he plays around for a while before he goes to sleep, but he always naps eventually. Good luck!

P.S. How can anyone loathe Jacob? Belle's relationship with Edward is so obviously unhealthy, and Jacob is a good guy!

Heather said...

What a cutie! Monkey indeed. :) If you really really want to keep him in his crib, you could always resort to a crib tent. That's what my sister uses for her very active 2 year old (she has a 4 month old too, so it's self-defense!). It's basically a see-through mesh tent thing that encloses the whole crib and zips closed to keep kids and toys from getting out and to keep pets from getting in. Just google "crib tent." But I like sin city spuds' suggestion, especially since Brady has his own room.

(As far as Jacob goes, I've decided that grown-ups love him and kids hate him. I think we grown-ups have it right, of course. :))