Friday, June 1, 2012

boys vs. girls

 Girls like to play and lay in bed, reading and being sweet. 
 Boys like to chop up trees. 
 In February there was a VERY windy day. We came home to find our largest pine tree blown over! Luckily is only hit the cinderblock wall between our house and the nice neighbors! Jeff made a fort out of it and for a month the kids played in it. Eventually we cut it up and how have a great wood pile for camping trips!
Big Zach. 

Hat Girl

 Gwyneth Loves hats! 

Valentine's Day

 Daddy was so loved this year, the boys chose a football for him! And we made s'more cookie bars!
 Mommy was so loved she got sweets, and dinner from PF Changs. 

 Kids were so loved they got a toy!


 Courtney and her kids came to visit. We go them sick. Not much else to tell. It was awful. 
Lainey Bug LOVES Gwynna. We can't wait to get together again!
 Jeff grew his hair out for almost 6 months. Grandma Gai loved it (combed) she said that his hair style was called a Pompadore. I called it twiners with baby! 
Good morning cute boys.

Springs Preserve

 Heidi and I took all the kids to the Preserves, it was a lovely Vegas winter day (notice the tshirts!) This is what happens when you try to get 6 kids looking!

 Two beautiful girls!
 My sweet baby.
 These boys are monkeys. They climbed to the top of the play ground. 
 Baby Turtles. 

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

 While Daddy is away, mommy and babies will play! On a lovely Saturday in January we headed out to Tivoli Village, a shopping center by home where they host farmers markets every weekend. Zach had his face painted, Brady got a spray on tattoo, and Gwynnie danced to the live music. She LOOOVEES to dance! Afterword we headed to Red Rock for a quick trip. 
 I scared Brady yelling, "SNAKE", it was great. It's just one of their many statues.
 Sister loves turtles. And she was feeling very independent, so I just followed her around the visitors center. She babbled the whole time. 
 Nice snake. 

First Day of Primary

 Big Z started attending Primary this January. One of their Christmas gifts each year is a new church outfit. Daddy chose these and did a great job. The first Sunday was the only Sunday Zachary would wear his whole outfit. It's a struggle each day to get this kid dressed, so we compromise a LOT! In order to get the nice picture I promised a funny one, which I love.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Barfed at Our House

Jeff LOVES Christmas. He is unstoppable! And for some reason we took more video than pictures! We had Jeff's parents in town for the holiday, it was great! Christmas Eve we spent at Jer & Emily's. She made us a wonderful dinner of shrimp and steak, everything was soooo good! We read the nativity and had a lovely time. Christmas morning we went to their ward to see the girls sing in sacrament meeting they did a great job! We hosted Christmas breakfast, waffles, spicy elmos' and plenty to go around! It was a fun weekend we were sad to have end.
Until Next Year!!
Months ago Brady wore a robe of mine and said, "I wish they made these nice soft robes for kids!", guess what, THEY DO!
Zachary asked for a big car he could drive. Thank you Santa. I am not sure who loves it more, him or Gwynnie???
This is how excited Brady was to see Christmas. He woke up first and had to wait for the other kids to get up!
Gwynnie loves everything that plays music. Santa found her this musical turtle seat. She can bounce on it, it sings about colors and shapes.

Tourism II

We took the kids to the Shark Reef, it was a surprise, which they LOVED!
Brady checking out the sharks.
Gwyneth LOVED the jelly fish, yes she was actually kissing the glass. When I tried to get her to look at other things she's scream. We stood there for a long time!
The sting rays were Zachary's favorite. He touched them, and had a great time. Forget the sharks!
My boys love sharks. We watch Shark Week every year and have been waiting for a chance to go see the sharks here in Vegas. Day after Christmas was the perfect opportunity!

Christmas Tourism

When we stay in Vegas for the holiday we head down town for some sight seeing. We always go to the Bellagio to see their garden, it's beautiful!
They really were happy to be there!
Brady snapped this one!
We also went to the Ethel M's Cactus garden. We went with grandparents and Sorenson cousins. It was a warm night and the kids loved all the lights! It was pretty awesome this year.

Letters to Santa

This year Brady wrote his own letter. It was very cute. All capitol letters.
Zachary's letter. He was sure Brady was asking for an, ICE box. not an X Box. So he asked for one too!
Love these boys!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandpa Linford

My sweet grandpa Linford passed away in December. He had battled Alzheimers for a few years, and had been ill. My last visit with him was in Ocotber. I went with my mom and took Wynnie. He told me to take good care of a little girl, keep a close eye on her. He said she was so cute! We also had a great talk about my mom. Grandpa said mom was always a good girl. That he loved her, and his smile while talking about her was so sweet. He even got a little choked up. It was a very tender conversation that I will treasure.

Grandma Linford and Auntie Marilyn at the luncheon.
B.J., Courtney, Mom, and me at the internment.
Newel and Alyson.
Marcus, leaving his flower on Grandpa's casket.
The services for Grandpa were lovely. It was a mini family reunion, we were sad for us but happy for Grandpa. The stories shared were fun and sweet, and spoke of the man my grandpa was. His Bishop gave my favorite talk, it was beautiful. The songs were about Heavenly Father, Celebration, and the Gospel. They were up lifting and taught us that we will be together again. I love my grandpa, he was an amazing story teller, a patient man, funny, hard working, loving, and in all things faithful to the Gospel, his wife and his desire to have his family be together forever. He will be missed. Love you Grandpa!