Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandpa Linford

My sweet grandpa Linford passed away in December. He had battled Alzheimers for a few years, and had been ill. My last visit with him was in Ocotber. I went with my mom and took Wynnie. He told me to take good care of a little girl, keep a close eye on her. He said she was so cute! We also had a great talk about my mom. Grandpa said mom was always a good girl. That he loved her, and his smile while talking about her was so sweet. He even got a little choked up. It was a very tender conversation that I will treasure.

Grandma Linford and Auntie Marilyn at the luncheon.
B.J., Courtney, Mom, and me at the internment.
Newel and Alyson.
Marcus, leaving his flower on Grandpa's casket.
The services for Grandpa were lovely. It was a mini family reunion, we were sad for us but happy for Grandpa. The stories shared were fun and sweet, and spoke of the man my grandpa was. His Bishop gave my favorite talk, it was beautiful. The songs were about Heavenly Father, Celebration, and the Gospel. They were up lifting and taught us that we will be together again. I love my grandpa, he was an amazing story teller, a patient man, funny, hard working, loving, and in all things faithful to the Gospel, his wife and his desire to have his family be together forever. He will be missed. Love you Grandpa!


Ben and Heidi said...

so many fun pictures to look at in all your new posts.