Thursday, February 3, 2011

St George

We headed to St. George in January for the half marathon. Newel & TJ ran it, and did pretty well! They both beat their previous run times, and Newel beat the cute girl he knows from school! The kids swam in a heated hotel pool, and we spent the afternoon at the park.
These suckers were a must. Luckily they forgot about them, and didn't eat the whole thing!

Me and baby sister didn't swim, but the big kids were in there for almost 3 hours!

I had to throw in this smiling baby! She is so great. I tickeled her yesterday and she actually belly laughed, it was short, but awesome. She smiles at the sound of Jeff's voice, and wants nothing except to be held all the time, which we allow! Last night she slept 10 hours with out waking up to eat! WOW! She's defeniatly my easiest - so far! LOVE HER!!!

I guess she does look like Zac, a little. Happy, Happy days!


Kara said...

I love her smile and I bet her belly laugh is just as cute!! I'm glad she's such a good baby- how nice of her!