Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi Again

Here is Zachies first face scratch, soo sad!
My Boys
Brady took this one of me and baby.

So who remembers in elementary school when we would suck on our own arms just because we realized that we could cause little purple bruises? AKA hickies to appear?? Well, Zach missed him hand the other day - so he already has his first least I know where it came from!


Megan said...

So cute! Love the hicky. You look great!

The Dumas Family said...

Cute pictures! We sure miss you guys. I'm really sorry we didn't call you when we went to Vegas. I honestly didn't even think about that and I feel so bad now. I'm kinda bummed that you guys are so happy there...I wish you would move back. Any chance you can start hating having a pool and nice warm weather? On second thought, maybe we should move in with you :0)

Chinchilla Twin said...

Why did you change your template to this (no ofense in my opinion) boring looking template? I had a dream last night that I married David Archuelta.. Weird huh but maybe that dream will come true. Heh most likely not