Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boys Sleepover

Colin didn't know what he was in for sleeping over here! Zachary became the Tickle Monster. He's pretty relentless, but they laughed and laughed! Best part? They also slept!

7 Month Old Girl

Gwynnie didn't care too much for the splash park! But look at her sitting up!
Took her to her 7 month check up. Everything went great.
17 lbs 2.5 oz., (52%) 29 inches tall, (99%).
The doctor told me not to worry about her weight being such a small % compared to her height. Crazy doctor.... why would I want to carry around another Zachary?! He was always 90% in all areas! So she's tall and thin, who doesn't want that?
Plus look how cute she is!! LOVE HER!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The Black family came done to Vegas for a weekend, we Love them! We were super busy, and had a great stay-at-home-cation! A few places we went: Hoover Dam, Springs Preserve, swimming, and date night to name a few!
All the girls at the Dam.
This monument is dedicated to all those who gave their lives in making the Dam.
Night swimming, diving for glow sticks.
Springs Preserve. Super Cool!
We love having family in town, and they are already missed!