Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter, Utah, and Cousins

Ok, it's been a busy few weeks here for us! We headed for SLC and on the way there stopped in at the Clark County fair! Which we LOVE! Brady rode the pony, and a few rides. Jeff pitched a baseball 71 mph.... not as fast as he thought, but I was impressed! And we were off to Herriman!
We had a FANTASTIC Easter Breakfast, and Egg hunt with the Sorenson clan plus a few extras! The food was great and the hunt was a blast for the kids and adults. Thanks to all who worked so hard for us to have a fun trip!
We played games and stayed up WAY too late everynight! We planned to come home Easter Sunday morning, but awoke to news that Courtney had gone into labor.... a week before her scheduled C-section, so plans changed! Jeff flew home, and we set up camp and my moms! (who tried to kick us out every night, with this.... "don't you want to go home tomorrow?" hahaha!
We spent our days cleaning Courtney's place, and tending Lainey, which was SO fun! (except for all the sickness my kids carry around!)
We are home now and trying to get into the swing of things, Colby came back with us for the week and we are having a blast, Brady loves having a friend all day, and I love having a helper! I guess I will like my kids as they get older! I know Colby is his mom's son, he is a little OCD....hand washing, and telling me my kids do gross stuff, like when Zachie sticks his finger in his nose! HA!
Here is a long slide show of all we've been doing, no particular order!