Friday, June 6, 2008

Call me crazy-posting-blog-lady today....enjoy! My entire family was together over Memorial Weekend, for what will be the last time for the next 2 years (New leaves to London in 20 short days). We had a great time, doing what we Cusicks' do, sit around and talk, or eat, or go to the park. Ask Tj about it, he can't believe we all like to do nothing! We did go to the temple which was great not only because we are able to go as a whole adult family, but also because we left the kids and had a relaxing 4 hour break!
We love you Newel and are so excited for this adventure in your life! Lets all make bets on how many grandkids are in the family by the time you get back, one more, or two or three?
relax Dramma, just a fun little joke!


Lenzi said...

Zach is getting so big! Cute swoopy bangs & highlights! Hopefully we'll see you soon! 2 more kids will be at our house in 2 days! AH! :)

Bruno Leonardo said...

love the pictures!!!!! all of them. Love your family!!!!!!!! all of them.

tell me your secret for a sleeping baby! i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinchilla Twin said...

I love that picture you all look like one big happy family Keep it up! Love,

Ben and Heidi said...

Wow what a cute family picture and amazing too that all the kids were looking at the camera

Heather said...

What a good-looking group! I had a hard time picking out your parents at first--they look so young! :)